Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Yesterday I received a press release touting a certain brand of beet juice as a way to prevent type 2 diabetes. This beet juice contained all sorts of magical and medicinal properties and claimed to cure what ails you
Look, I have no doubt that beet juice has lots of vitamins and might have some medical properties.
I believe that certain foods, spices and herbs are good for us.
Mint is great if your stomach is upset and Valerian/chamomile tea helps if you're having trouble falling asleep. 
Caffeine wakes me up in the morning and prevents me from bitch zombie like tendencies for the rest of the day. 
And turmeric is supposedly very good for inflammation, but I'd still check with my Dr. if said supplement interacted negatively with any of your current medications, including blood thinners. 

As far as cinnamon - it's always been one of my favorite spices since I was little and I'm not even going "there."

Lastly, I feel better when I eat foods that aren't processed and made with ingredients I can pronounce and aren't found in a chemistry class. 

 But HELL'S NO, I'm not going to tout beet juice as a preventative pre-diabetes or t2 measure, based on a marketing press release from a beet juice company that links said claims to one 'experimental sciences,' study - so stop spamming my inbox and taking up my bandwidth! 

Instead, I highly recommend that if someone you love is worried about developing t2, have them set up an appointment with an Endo who works with a Certified Diabetes Educator. 
If someone you know/love is concerned about pre -diabetes, have them click DoIHavePreDiabetes.Org and they take a one minute test that will give them the answer.
And then have them get schedule an appointment with an Endo.

And FTR, I seriously considered sending this as  the response to the PR.

Sorry Dwight, but beet juice doesn't cut it!
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