Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Diabetes And Not Being Forced To Wait "It" Out.

Sometimes diabetes forces us to wait, sometimes it doesn't.
Yesterday the only thing I had to wait for was my car's oil to get changed. 
Diabetes wasn't exactly on it's best behavior, but it didn't force me to wait "it" out, either. 
After 3 days of stellar blood sugars, I was greeted with an out of the blue 300 bg yesterday and in of all places, a Honda dealership parking lot and after a lunchtime oil change. 

The reason? Honestly, who the hell knows. 
It might have been because it was a Muesday; I might have miscalculated my breakfast carbs, maybe 35 hour old infusion site was circling towards craptacular, my seatbelt might have inadvertently rub against my wool coat and the infusion site the wrong way, or the the diabetes gods felt like effing me just because they could. 
Whatever the reason, it made me cranky, thirsty, and frustrated.  
I changed out my site exactly where I was, in the drivers seat of my parked car, in the of dealership’s parking lot. Then I did a correction bolus, gulped down 10 ounces of the 30 ounces of water in my recyclable water bottle and hoped for the best. 
And thankfully the best outcome happened. My numbers started coming down and I went about my day.
As much as I hate to cop to it, the glucoaster ride made me tired, and visions of a ginormous iced green tea flashed through my head. 
Did I mention I’ve been cutting back on my afternoon caffeine - as in I'm trying not to have any? 
Well I am and it’s annoying. 
My numbers were normal and stayed that way, I kept drinking water, ate my lunch, and continued forging ahead - and nobody was the wiser. 
I had a list on my desk that didn’t involve diabetes in anyway, shape, or form. 

Shit got done and I wasn't forced to wait "it" out.  
And after a month of "waiting it out," re: wrist and hand surgery - not having to wait was indeed a beautiful thing.

And I'm sharing because I know you guys"get it."   

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Rick Phillips said...

I am glad you are well. Having an episode like that always makes me angry (mostly at myself). I was at the doctor's office today and at the end, I stood up and my pump fell out, as in it was not then or ever connected. I was pushing 220 and I was so darn upset. Or as Sheryl often says: a man can certainly be angry, but only with himself.