Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'm Attending The Lilly Diabetes Insulin Access Workshop

Thanks I'm flying out to Indianapolis this afternoon to attend the Lilly Diabetes Insulin Access Workshop at Lilly HQ on Thursday, April 20th.
Diabetes Advocates from the DOC will be sitting in a room with Lilly discussing insulin access and affordability, literal and figurative costs of diabetes, insurance, Lilly's insulin access programs and the likes there of. 

Every advocate sitting in that room has advocated and fought for people with diabetes,  are people with living with diabetes, or who love someone with diabetes. 
There will be a lot of listening and note taking , not sure how much I'll be tweeting, but I 
I encourage you to use your voices and follow/participate in the discussion on twitter 
and tweet your questions and concerns to the Diabetes Advocates in attendance.

FTR: I'm not sure what the "official" hashtag is, but several of the Diabetes Advocates have been using the hashtag, #insulinprices - stay tuned and more to follow re: hashtags.

The twitter handles of confirmed attendees are listed below and in no particular order, as is Lilly Diabetes.
Sidebar: I wasn't provided an "official list of attendees," (I asked several times,) and will add to the list as I get more attendee confirmations. 


Full Disclosure: Lilly is paying for my transportation, hotel, expenses, and milage - which they should and I'm glad they are. 
And unlike #45, I'm all about transparency - with that being said, my opinions are mine and I'm not afraid to state them, LOUDLY and OFTEN. 


Rick Phillips said...

Kelly, I know you were as moved by the events of this past week as I have been. It was an honor to be in the room and I hope those we spoke for know that we tried to honor all who live with the uncertainty of insulin access.

rick @LawrPhil

Rick Phillips said...

Kelly, it was an honor to be in the room. I know we had a good day. I hope those who we represent understand not everyone could be there, but their voice was strong and presence felt.

Lawrence 'rick' Phillips