Friday, May 5, 2017

"Hold My Earrings," Because I Won't Stop Fighting AHCA !!!


“Hold my earrings,” because Congress pissed me off and I won't stop fighting the shitshow that is AHCA!!
I won't stop fighting for people with diabetes or any other pre-existing condition and I won't stop fighting for the people I love and those I've never met who live with pre-existing conditions - GAME FUCKING ON.

Yesterday Republican (and a few Dems who could be bought,) lawmakers celebrated with beer and party in The White House Rose Garden after approving the American HealthCare Act. A bill that most Republicans didn’t bother to read, in order to take health care away from millions of Americans. 
A bill that if approved by the Senate, takes health care away from 24 million Americans and mean the return of Pre-Existing Conditions Clauses; High-risk pools, and lifetime health care caps to every American - and no matter where they get their insurance from. 

Sidebar: To see how your Congress person voted, click HERE. 

A bill that categorizes pregnancy; adoptions in progress, rape, and heavy periods, as pre-existing conditions. 
A bill categorizing almost every disease and chronic condition as a pre-existing condition - except for Erectile Dysfunction and being and asshat.  

Bottom line: #HealthHasNoParty and diseases and chronic conditions don’t care what side of the fence you sit, and that don't give a crap if you're Red or Blue. 

Having a preexisting condition doesn't mean that you’re a bad person - it means you're fucking human-being! 

Pre-existing conditions are not character flaws or lifestyle choices, nor should they bankrupt families and or individuals because they have them. 

God doesn’t punish people by giving us pre-existing conditions, but many of our the majority of Republican lawmakers want to punish their constituents for having having pre-existing conditions - and they celebrated that fact.  

And now 12 Republican Senators (so much for bipartisanship and working together for all Americans,) 12 White republican men, who are filled with contempt and anger, and who don't seem to like women very much, are in charge of fine tuning the American Health Care Act.

Feel safe yet? 
Neither do I. 

I'm angry and I am going to fight like hell - I'm ready to #CleanTheHouse - and I know the majority of you are too. 
We are angry, we are motived and we VOTE. 
And the battle Royale is about to begin
Start by calling your State Senators, and follow up by calling every Senator in the United States and let them no how angry you are. 
Then call your rep in Congress and let them know that angry constituents = angry voters. 
And call all the Congressional reps (and on both sides of the fence,) who did vote NO. 
20 Republican Congressman went against their party and the majority them did for the right reasons - namely their constituents with Pre-existing conditions. 

Checkout and sign up for , if you haven't already.
Also, here's a list of Republican congressional seats up for grabs - find out who their opponents are and donate to them!

We are this battle together - and we will fight to make it right. 
Don't give up and don't give in! 


Elizabeth said...

Here's a SwingLeft link to donate to the opponents of the representatives in swing states (i.e., those who very well could lose in 2018) who voted Yes. They've raised $850,000 in one day, still nowhere near enough, but it does send a signal, and every bit helps!

Rick Phillips said...

Oh wow, that is rouges gallery of preexisting issues. Nope, I certainly do not fell better. Not at all.