Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Diabetes And Changing Things Up~

I’m a go with the flow kind of gal, except of course when I’m not. 
I love new experiences, meeting new people, and exploring new places. 
But I’m not great with big life changes - even when they're good - and I know that about myself - It’s one of the things I struggle with and I know it holds me back. 
I have no idea why I struggle with life changes so much - but I’m pissed that I do and I’m actively working on fixing this issue - and some others. 

I liken how I embrace life changes to my love of swimming in the ocean - Seriously, it’s like one of my favorite things in the world to do! I love swimming, surfing, body surfing waves, and embracing my inner dolphin.
 I’ve been going out over my head since I was a kid  - jumping off a boat and learning to swam towards Lucy the Elephant at the age of 4. I bought my first surfboard at 25, There was a time I'd take a wave runner out on a 40 mile ocean jaunt no problem - and to this day I swim in the ocean until I start to turn blue. 
But as I grew up, I want from diving in the ocean without thinking... to easing my way in, jumping and dodging waves through the shallow water, cursing the cold waves as they hit my body and splashed my face - until I was finally ready to dive in and take the plunge. 
FTR, I know in my heart and head that if I would just take the plunge and dunk my head under the waves, the water would immediately feel warmer - but I still don't. 
I ease my way in - It takes me a good 5 minutes to dive under my first wave  - and then I’m home free, feeling groovy, and riding waves until I'm too tired to continue. 

Which brings me diabetes - after years of wearing an insulin pump with an expired warranty and using the same brand glucose meter for most of the time, I knew it was well past time to make some changes in my diabetes tech management. 
It’s not like I didn’t want to - I totally did. But my old insurance deductible was super high (and my co-pay, not what I would call generous,) and don’t even get me started on commitment issues re: warranties
But enough was enough, I was well overdue and I knew I needed updated diabetes technology in order to not only stay healthy, but to utilize the elixir of life we call insulin. And I was THIS CLOSE to meeting my deductible - it was the perfect time to switch things up. 
Sidebar: I’ve been dealing with abdomen scar tissue issues for quite some time - problematic on all fronts - not only absorption issues, but I was literally having to change my infusion site every 24 to 34 hours, instead of every three days because of absorption issues - and that gets freaking expensive
I tried my legs and that would work slightly longer, but I could never navigate my arms (tubing issues,) or my back (contortion issues). 
I spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone battling my insurance company to pay for extra boxes on infusion sites, my daily 24 hour insulin insulin consumption kept creeping up and up, as did my frustration levels. 

I seriously considered taking an extended pump vacation, but after having a heart-to-heart with my fabulous Endo Dr. J, and we both felt that Insulet's OmniPod would most likely be the best solution for me. 
I could give my abdomen a much needed and extended break from infusion sites, while trying out other sites on my body. Plus, I'd have 45 days to see if the switch was working for me.

After talking with the some folks at the Insulet/Omnipod booth at the Children With Diabetes, Friends For Life Conference, the paper work was set in motion, my insurance company approved my switch from 15 years on Medtronic, to Omnipod (and paid for a nice portion of it,) and from LifeScan test strips to FreeStyle - no problem. 

Two big diabetes changes for me in a relatively short time.
Beginning with a convo at my Endo's office on June 5th, followed by a convo in Orlando this past July at CWD,FFL, and officially kicking-off on July 31st, at 3 pm, eastern standard time - when I inserted my first OmniPod. 

How's going?? 
My next post is all about my first 10 full days podding - stay tuned!!


Juliet McDonald said...

Congrats on the change! I went from a Medtronic pump to the Omnipod a few years ago and I absolutely LOVE it! I would never even consider going back to a pump with tubing because Omnipod has been such a game changer for me. I love that you can put the pods almost anywhere, and not having to deal with pump/wardrobe problems has been so nice. I also found that my control got better because I didn't have to disconnect for things like showers/swimming/etc. I hope it's going well and that you love it!

Rick Phillips said...

I am interested in how it works out. I do like the arm part of the omnipod and of course the lower deductible. I hope things work out well for you.