Thursday, August 10, 2017

Diabetes Makes Me Do That Thing Where I'm Always Checking

So..... checking as it relates to diabetes - does it drive you batty and please tell me I'm not the only one!
Do you have any tips? 

If so, please feel free to share - diabetesalicious minds want know!
Also, I apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of times I use the words "checking," and "check." 
Diabetes makes me do that thing where I’m always checking. 
Checking to see if I have enough insulin and other meds; checking to see if I have my pump attached to my person before I walk out the door, and now checking to see if I have my PDM because I’m currently podding. 
Checking to see if I have enough test strips on my person and in my stash. 
Checking to see if I have enough pump supplies. 
Checking to see if I have enough juice; juice boxes, glucose tabs, and regular food in my house. 
Checking to make sure I have glucose tabs, or other low treats in my car.
Checking out the latest diabetes related studies, news, and the likes there of. 

Checking for little signs of diabetes burnout before they become big signs.

Then there’s the paper work required for all of the above, checking to see if my insurance not only covers certain med/supply, etc.,making sure RXs are up to date, doctors appointments are scheduled. 

Then there are things I shouldn't even have to check for, but must -  because someone else didn't do their job. Case in point - making sure my insurance company covers the right copay. 
Since I switched up my plan on March 1, my insurance company has charged me my old 60/40 co-pay for two different prescriptions instead of my current 80/20 co-pay. 
That's a big damn difference.

Guess who was the one to figure it out? 
Guess who was the one who spent two hours on the phone trying to fix it the first time and hour on the phone the second time making sure it was fixed? 

But back to checking. 
Checking blood sugars, checking for ketones, checking to make sure I have extra everything before I go out the door and start my day. 

Most days it doesn’t bother me because the checking has become second nature and I've figured a way to streamline my prep check. 
I have a cool looking (and slightly bigger than my 6+ iPhone when in it’s otterbox,)size brightly colored/insulated bag I use for my diabetes.
I keep my PDM; meter (which I don’t bring now, because I can check my blood sugar via the PDM,) test strips, pump/pod supplies, K-Tape, insulin, backup batteries. 

But even with streamlining, there are still some days when diabetes and checking throws me for a loop - like if my blood sugars are wonky, or if I’ve run out of test strips, or left something D related on the counter.... at home....or at the restaurant I've just left. 
When that happens, I feel like I also forgot to check for my sanity before I left the house, because I clearly feel like it's missing. 

And on those days when I feel as if I’ve checked for my sanity a million times and can’t locate it to save my life - I’m glad I have the Diabetes Online Community, DSMA, and my diabetes peeps.
“Checking out,” and taking a few minutes to read a blog post, chat on twitter, or text with a D friend - that makes all the difference. 
That right there is the best medicine - and I thank you guys for it.   


Rick Phillips said...

I just checked out your blog and found I forgot to check mine. LOL

I do check a lot. But you know who checks more? My wife. She checks on me constantly. I think she has checker syndrome.

Kelly B said...

You just summed up my day/life and I had to smile. I ran across our site looking for podders information. I am thinking on getting a Omnipod and was looking for others that have one.