Friday, August 25, 2017

Diabetes Emoji

Do you think that diabetes is trying to tell me 
that it wants its own official Diabetes emoji/emojis?  
No joke and this is NOT photoshop guys. 

THIS is what I saw when I looked down at my fingers 
after I checking my blood sugar this morning (it was 111😁.) 
FTR, that's my blood, not a Sharpie drawn smiley face~

Pretty damn trippy! 

1 comment:

Rick Phillips said...

Sheryl can be pretty violent so I am used to finding blood in odd places. As for me I never just smear blood everywhere. Like on the counter, car, door, pants, shirt, computer, kitchen, or anywhere else I get blamed for. No it is all Sheryl's fault, I have proof like when it shows up on the bedroom dresser, so I do not even,,, wait here she comes, never mind.