Friday, December 1, 2017

It's December 1st, We Still Have Diabetes - And We Are Stunning!

Diabetes Awareness Month has come to an end, 
it's December 1st, I still have diabetes and I bet you do, too!
Lin- Manuel Miranda said it best.
"You're stunning and the world is lucky to have you.
We are lucky to have you.
Get some rest." 
Also: Keep on keeping on - in life and in life with diabetes! 
My #Dsma closing thoughts re: (National) Diabetes Awareness Month - courtesy of Lin-Manuel Miranda
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1 comment:

Rick Phillips said...

Kelly, my wrap up of diabetes awareness month is its been fun, see you next year. Oh and guess what, I will see you in November for many more years, at least as long as I am on this earth.

Now, I am hopeful my grandchildren will never see you at the end of November. Never.