Thursday, March 15, 2018

#tbt - Dear Lady Sitting In The Magnolia Bakery

I originally wrote this post on September 8th, 2009 - and it's about how awesome  Diabetes Meet-ups are - even when you don't know they happened until it's over! 
Hope you enjoy!

Dear Lady sitting in the Magnolia Bakery:
You kept looking at me and I wasn't sure why.
I was waiting in line with my friends in cupcake anticipation and wondered why you kept staring at me.
I thought it might be because I laugh way to loud- - you know, from my belly.  
Or maybe you thought I was being to silly for swooning over my cupcake like a giddy little schoolgirl, which of course I was!
My friends and I were laughing and recovering after three days of wedding activities. 
N (the bride) was still glowing from her wedding the night before.
We were a chatty, happy, and tired group looking forward to our cupcakey goodness and final moments with friends, both old and new.
My weekend had been truly bolus worthy, on every level. 
A whirlwind of wedding activities, and a flurry of meeting all types of wonderfully interesting folk.
I’d had lunch with a D Blogger Shero on Friday (a post and pic on that VERY soon) and had experienced diabetes moments of bonding with other guests of the happy couple, but I digress.
The line to pay was long and I was DYING for just one bite of the sprinkled frosting- it was torturous to hold my cupcake topped plate and act like an adult. 
Cupcakes me happy and I want the world to know it!
There you sat, a party of 1, at a table for 2-with and with a plate full of crumbs and a folded up Metro Section of the New York Times.
I caught you staring at my pump, YET AGAIN.
I thought maybe you were going to reprimand me, tell me that I shouldn’t indulge if I wanted to be healthy. Maybe you’d say “NO DIABETICS ALLOWED,”unless they behaved.
I looked away and then looked at you again, and you were still staring. Then you smiled and said: I’m leaving, take the table and enjoy your cupcake.
Me: Thanks, but we need a bigger table. 
You glanced at my pump one last time and got up. 
You grabbed your handbag and Times & turned to leave, but just before you walked out the door you turned, looked straight in my eyes, and flashed me your insulin pump and a smile.
You were gone before I could say anything and my friends (who had missed the whole lightening quick exchange because they’d been debating between Vanilla Banana pudding Vs cupcakes) and had missed it all. 
I could have run out and tried to catch-up, but I still hadn't paid for my cupcake. 
I smiled and said nothing. It had happened in a matter of seconds, in a crowded Cupcake bakery of all places.
It was unspoken moment of D-bonding at the Magnolia Bakery on 69th and Columbus, in the city that never sleeps.
Another beautiful moment in a weekend of many.
Thank you for sharing, without even uttering the the "D WORD." 
Kelly K

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Rick Phillips said...

Oh I know that lady. She later stole my wife's purse. Oh well, it was a nice smile. :0