Monday, March 12, 2018

Diabetes By The Numbers - On A Monday & Before 3:30 PM

Diabetes By The Numbers  - on A Monday & Before 3:30 PM
I've decided to catalogue today's numbers because it's amazing how much time, energy, and thoughts we devote to our diabetes throughout the day - even when out numbers are in range.... and especially when they aren't.
Also, diabetes is fucking weird, man.
7 blood sugar checks so far today. SEVEN - and started at 2:54 a.m.

2:54 a.m. - I woke up from not the greatest of slumbers and thought I might be low. 
I was 129 and didn’t correct. 
WHY DIDN'T I CORRECT? Because I was 159 when I went to bed and didn't correct, because I had 0.60 insulin on board and didn't want to risk going low in the middle of the night. 
When I woke up at almost 3 a.m., things were heading in the right direction.

7:15 a.m. bg 249 and I'm like: WTF, there’s no fucking way that can be right. I check again one minute later.
7:16 a.m. bg reads as 241- W.T.F. 

Breakfast blood sugar was 241 ( I have no idea why,) bolus for 40 grams because coffee (and yes, I like mine with extra cream and sugar,) and required an 8.25 correction and an extended bolus of 4.25 units followed by the other 
4 units, 30 minutes later.
2 mugs of coffee required - each with an individual bolus - the second one was for 1.9 units. FTR, I bolus for my 2 cups of coffee individually and I've found it to be helpful re: mid morning spikes. That works for me - YDMV. 
My breakfast was not large because 241, bg. Cheese sticks and a small Bartlett pear (8 grams after subtracting 3 grams for fiber) that was not  even close to ripe, but I ate it anyway.  

11:48 a.m. My blood sugar is 134.

12:27 PM  - My lunch bg, 107 - Didn't bolus for the 16 carbs of blueberry Icelandic yogurt or the Food Should Taste Good Chips because my blood sugar was 107 and I still had 2 units of insulin on board.
FTR: I almost always bolus for lunch - but I normally don't have so much insulin on board. 

1:41 PM - I am very well aware that I shouldn't check my blood sugar so soon after eating, but I'm curious because I didn't bolus for my lunch.  BG is 128.

3:04 PM - My blood sugar129

7 times I’ve pricked my fingers today and I will never be a hand model.

2 meals ingested.

48 grams of carbs bolused for - the majority for the two mugs of coffee. 
8 for the unripe, hard to digest pear.
None for the cheese sticks.    
None for the yogurt or chips. 

30.10 units of insulin delivered since midnight
Insulin Total Breakdown according to my Pod's PDM
Bolus(35%) 10.60 units
Basal (65%  19.50 units

I’m still trying to figure out the 241 at breakfast , but have decided to embrace my inner Elsa and let it go or it will drive me fucking nuts. 

35 ounces of water consumed. I need to drink more water - that's not enough. 

Again, still pissed about the 241 at breakfast because: 
  1. today’s numbers are weirdly good- except for 241
  2. I am not super hungry today, which isn't a thing for me - So I'm going with it... for now
  3. I would probably be down by 4 or 5 units of insulin today if it wasn't for the G*d damn 241 breakfast blood sugar!
  4. I'm thinking that my lower than normal numbers are due to yesterday's hike
  5. Still can't explain the fucking 241 bg. 
I’m hungry and I'm probably going to eat a KIND bar.
Twirling like Elsa and letting it all go because shit happens, so does diabetes.

I know and have accepted that tomorrow's numbers will be completely different - because diabetes is like that  - same goes for life. 

As of 10 minutes ago, I'm looking forward to a big dinner. 

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