Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kismet: Attending #2018ADA As A Guest Reporter For Ascensia

Kismet has been occurring as of late and I'm embracing it!
For instance, I was able to attend The American Diabetes Association's 78th Scientific Sessions last week in balmy (code for UBER HUMID,) Orlando, Florida - and thanks to Ascensia Diabetes Care, who hired me to write a 3-part series re: my experiences as a person living with diabetes attending ADA. acting as their official on-site Guest Reporter for ADA 2018. 

ADA was awe inspiring; incredibly overwhelming, physically never ending, a total sensory overload, and IT WAS AMAZING! 
I learned so much, met incredible people,  reconnected with diabetes friends and colleagues. 
My first post is up and running and it's all about diabetes data; dtech, helping other people with diabetes in under-served communities and a very cool WHISK. Click  HERE and give a read!

As always, while Ascensia paid for my flight, hotel, and travel expenses, and provided me  
with an honorarium for my time and skills - ALL THOUGHTS are mine and mine alone. 

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