Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Diabetes And Periods - In This Case - My Period.

Yeah..... NO. 

Yeah, I’m getting personal - I do that on this blog - so if you don’t want to hear about me talking about all that is the glory of having my period and diabetes - OH WELL. 

I’m on the last 24ish hours of my period and I am fucking tired.
Diabetes and periods - at least for me, can mean either relatively mild symptoms and elevated blood sugars for a few days prior to Aunt Flow actually getting her “flow on,” and blood sugars that are perfect, low, or elevated - or a wicked and sometimes manic trifecta of all three, during said period. 
And sometimes not relatively mild at all.  As in not much of an appetite; boobs being tender (yes, as in it can actually hurt to shower, unless the shower-head is set to the "Gentle Rain setting", stomach issues, salt cravings, bloating, emotions, as in #POGDogs making me cry like a baby, and bitch cramps to boot. 
It depends on the cycle. 

And because of strokes, t1 diabetes, and heart issues, run in my ginormous family tree (as does tenacity, talent, good looks, and humor,) - I am not a candidate for the pill.

PSA - THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you have diabetes and are considering birth control methods:
1. Be honest about your diabetes diagnoses and your family history with your Gynecologist, Planned Parenthood professional, or GP - because the pill can be dangerous depending on your family history of strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes
2. Make sure all your doctors are on the same page 
3. Pill, IUD, or Diaphragm, you still need to use condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. 


Also: I was anemic as kid, and my iron has been on the low side of normal for years - so there’s that. Luckily I have a friend (NO, not that friend, but I could see how you'd go there,) who could totally relate and recommended that I try Blood Builder supplements since last summer and for me, it's helped even out my iron levels (which are now on the normal side of normal,)  and my energy…most of the time.

We know that hormones and diabetes are never a smooth ride - don’t even get me started on cortisone!
But as women with diabetes know, hormones and periods, being premenstrual or para-menopausal, or post-menopausal the hormonal douche-baggery (yes, I absolutely meant to use that phrase,) can be brutal.

Like I said, for me, some periods are worse than others - sometimes killer cramps, sometimes not so much, plus everything else I've already mentioned.- 

This time around, it was on the worse side - at least for the first couple of days. 

So even though my blood sugars were pretty damn good over the weekend - I spent a lot of time on the couch, chilling out, wrapped in a blanket and drinking hot tea, while snuggling with my friend’s cat  (OK, not snuggling because she’s not a snuggler, but she did let me pet her while she leaned against my leg,) and watching season 4 of Shetland (because Netflix is dropping the ball, BIG TIME,) and #POGdogs on Britbox. 
Sidebar: It rained all weekend so I wasn’t compelled to be outdoors. 
Also: It pays to house/pet sit for friends with Amazon Prime! Which I’ve stubbornly avoided getting, but am now strongly considering - and it’s all The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s fault!
God, so much great writing, acting, set design, costumes and coat porn! 

In the "70s' and "80s,"
periods were all about riding horses, bikes, and windsurfing.
But back to diabetes; hormones and periods, being premenstrual/para-menopausal, or post-menopausal, and if you feel like sharing - great. 

If you don’t - I get it and no pressure.

And if you are a guy - I hope you’ve learned something - Also: MENSES. 
You know I was going to sneak that word in there !


Cathy DeVreeze said...

First of all, season 4 of Shetland? I am so jealous! As far as my period goes, I have highs 2 weeks before it starts. And starting is never consistent. I get some really bad pain and the cat on my stomach doesn't help! BG is pretty unpredictable during this time. As for the pill, because mom's breast cancer was estrogen related, I have to be really careful. Add diabetes and.... I am also in para-memopause so it's not fun. I am not looking forward to what's next

Rick Phillips said...

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