Monday, August 27, 2018

Attending #AADE18 As The On-Site Guest Reporter for Ascensia

Last week I attended the American Association of Diabetes Educators annual meeting in Baltimore, MD as the On-Site Guest Reporter for Ascensia.
There I was surrounded and inspired by thousands of passionate Diabetes Educators, (our Diabetes Mechanics,) whose jobs (and lives for that matter,) are devoted to making sure that people living with diabetes are provided with the tools/skills in the form of knowledge; support, and empathy so that we can live our best lives with diabetes.  
I was able to sit in on multiple sessions re: peer support; treating both the mental and the physical sides of diabetes, dTech, and teamwork. 
I'm sharing my #AADE18 experiences and POV as a person living with diabetes in a series of 3 articles for Ascensia 's website - I did similar project with them back in June for ADA

Article 1 is up and running - here's the link and I'd very much appreciate you guys giving it a read!
FULL DISCLOSURE: Ascensia paid for my hotel, travel expenses, and provided me  
with an honorarium for my time and skills - all of which I appreciate.
As always, ALL THOUGHTS are mine and mine alone. 

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