Wednesday, November 14, 2018

World Diabetes Day, 2018

Today, November 14th (and Doctor Banting's Birthday,) is World Diabetes Day.
This year, the theme is "the family and diabetes.
Families come in all shapes and sizes and with the help of Ascensia Diabetes Care, who asked people around the globe to share their family portraits and diabetes stories for #WDD2018.
 I’m celebrating my big sister Catherine - who along with our late parents, has always been my biggest fan and supporter - Diabetes and otherwise. 
True Story: Catherine has always been my protector, she thinks I’m spectacular and truly believes that there is nothing I can’t accomplish - diabetes or not. 
I feel the same about her! 
We are there for one another and she and her family are always there for me.
 I am a lucky duck, indeed. 
Growing up Catherine was my Super Hero - and between you and me, she still is! 
Check out or video and other Ascensia family portraits from around the globe, by clicking HERE.

Family by birth, friend by choice
Caring type 3 - 
Who sees (and is) the best parts of me.
Sweet to my tart 
Keeper of my heart...
She's my big sister Cathy & I love her.
kelly kunik~

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Rick Phillips said...

Wonderful video Kelly !!!