Friday, January 4, 2019

Hello 2019 And How The Hell Is It Already Friday?!

I’m not sharing all my goals for 2019 - at least not right away ;) 
First - HAPPY 2019! 
It’s been a hard week getting back into the swing of things. 
I’m still on holiday time  - meaning I’m still having difficulty getting to bed at a decent time and I’m thoroughly shocked that it’s Friday. Seriously, how the hell did that happen because it feels like freaking Tuesday?  
I can relate. 
image via the interwebz. 
And of course, getting back to normal food and blood sugars - but I’m doing it. 

And instead of New Years resolutions, I have goals. 

For starters - I want to go up a few levels in certain areas of my life and have my a1c go down a few notches. I want to exercise my body and brain more - which means writing more. 
I want to embrace change, doing what I fear first and with gusto.
And like everyone else, drop some pounds (10 lbs by May,) and get back to eating healthy after the holidays. 
The last one has been easy - mostly because I normally eat healthy and I actually really like eating healthy. Also, I’ve reached my wall of Enough, when it comes to big dinners and Christmas cookies multiple times a day. OK, that last part was only the last two weeks of December :)  

I’m craving healthy meals - I’ve been snacking on veggies for the past few weeks and more so than usual. Organic Rainbow Carrots have become a staples in my house for almost a year. 
Also: Give them a try because they are fabulous! 
And I believe the same thing will happen with mini Persian Cucumbers - which have less seeds and more flavor and crunch - also they are hydrating.  Also since November I’ve been digging Green Giant’s riced veggies.
All of the above make it easier to eat healthy - but more on veggies and healthy eating in another post. 

I have mixed feelings about it - being attached to something else - sharing my info with loved ones … or not, embracing something different.  
But my Dr. and I agreed that Dex doesn’t have to be a full time and or permanent thing. 
We need to work on getting my a1c in a better spot and he feels dexcom will help us  troubleshoot. So I'm trying it for 3 months and taking it from there - and I will share my experience with you guys. 

And I will also ask your for advice an support because you guys ROCK - so thanks in advance!

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