Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Carbs Are In The Details: Slider Specifics

Not a picture of my sliders - but very similar!
The image is from the interwebz
Recently, I went out for much needed Happy Hour with a friend. Cheeseburger sliders were on the menu, I was craving red meat, and I had a few questions for the Server before "officially" placing my order.

1. Were the cheeseburger sliders meaty as opposed to being more bun than meat, or did the meat/bread ratio meet somewhere in the middle? 

2. What was the deal re: the buns? Were they more of a brioche, did they boarder on a potato roll, or are we talking your basic hamburger bun, but shrunk down to slider proportions? 

The waitress was patient and answered my questions with a smile - which the former Server in me greatly appreciated - because I knew my questions were on the finicky side.

She told my that the the sliders meat to bread ratio met almost met in the middle  - with slightly more meat than bun -  and that said slider buns had a brioche feel and texture to them. 

I thanked her, placed my order - 3 cheeseburger sliders, medium, and a glass of the 
House Red. My friend immediately ordered the same and our waitress went off to place our order and retrieve our drinks from the bar.

When the waitress was out of earshot my friend looked at me and said: You asked some detailed questions for a few cheeseburger sliders! 

I grabbed my Omnipod PDM out of my handbag to pre-bolus for my sliders (because buns,) and said with a smile: I’m not picky - at least I don't mean to be. I just needed to know some slider specifics so I can take my insulin accordingly. 

Short Answer: I needed more info so I asked.  

Friend: Ohmygod, that’s right - you did need more info - I’m so sorry, Kel - I completely forgot! 

I told her it was OK - that my diabetes didn’t need a special spotlight, and that much like the devil, the carbs are in the details.  

Then we laughed out loud and started talking about 50 other things - none of them having to do with diabetes. 

FTR: The sliders were delicious; the House Red was damn tasty, my bolus wasn't quote on point, but I figured it out. And most importantly, a wonderful time was had by all! 

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Rick Phillips said...

Such is life in the great carbohydrate mixer of life.