Friday, March 8, 2019

International Women's Day: Dear Diabetes Shero Squad

Dear Diabetes Shero Squad - 


All the women impacted with diabetes - those living with diabetes - no matter the type - and those loving a person or persons with diabetes. 

Ladies of the DOC and my diabetes tribe in real life - I’m talking to you! 
Medical professionals and researchers who are fighting for the cure and to make peoples lives with diabetes easier - THIS MEANS YOU. 

Too many women for me to mention individually - you are all my sheroes and I love you something fierce! 

You cheer me on and give me strength - Lifting me up, supporting and carrying me when I need it most. 

You continually inspire; constantly amaze, effortlessly educate, and always make me laugh. 
You all make me feel like I can do anything!

Each of you gives me the courage to fight and the tenacity to continue when I feel like giving up. 

You are magic personified and are Super Heroes in all dimensions  - diabetes and otherwise. 

 Every single one of you is a magnificent gift that continues to give - and I am so damn grateful!

And I love you all.
Kelly K~ 


Susan said...

Love you so much girlie!!! Sending you huge hugs from AZ and soon from NYC so they will be much closer!!! I have so much to say but in a different forun, just know I love you with every piece of my mind!

Rick Phillips said...

Kelly, you are one of the women I admire. Thank you for what you do.