Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Diabetes Scout Mode: Spontaneous Road Trip Edition ~

Living with diabetes makes me/us feel like a perpetual girl/boy/whatever scout  - we always have to get in scout mode and be prepared!

I was away for a good portion of the holiday weekend - spending time with family - both the two legged and four-legged variety. 

It was a spontaneous road trip and I’m so glad I went for it! 

I laughed until my stomach hurt and I spent a lot of time outdoors - it was just what I needed to recharge my internal batteries. 

Packing for a last minute weekend trip meant bringing extra of everything… including diabetes supplies.

I need my diabetes shit and I need backup…. because you never know - and it’s my responsibility to be prepared - that’s part of being a PWD - and it’s part of being a grownup. 

That means packing extra pump supplies (including batteries); meter supplies, cgm supplies, four days worth of oral meds instead of two… and of course insulin + needles, because correction injections happen. 

It also means bringing my own beach cooler and ice packs, snacks (because it’s up to me to make sure I always have snacks on my person, not my host,) and a large bottle of Cran-Apple juice…. Because middle of the night lows.
Also: Sometimes I feel like having a vodka and club with lots of extra lime and a splash of juice!  

Of course being a grownup house gift means bringing a hostess a gift - an amazing and truly bolus worthy fruit tart, club soda and said big old bottle of Cran-Apple juice. 

I had everything I needed so I could enjoy my weekend…. And diabetes behaved most of the time. 

And when it didn’t - as in first thing Monday morning (which also happened to be site/pod change day,) when I was greeted with a pre-breakfast blood sugar of 320 - I didn't get upset and I didn't make a big deal out of it - I knew the high was due to the site needing to be changed. So I got my diabetes scout mode in gear and did what I had to do. 

I filled and put in a new Omnipod, did a big fat correction injection, and drank two big glasses of water before switching to my morning coffee. By the time I hopped in my car mid morning to battle holiday traffic - my bg was 170, post coffee! 

Diabetes didn't disrupt or take center stage this weekend - the people I love and were thankful for, did. 

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Rick Phillips said...

A friend of mine had a great line for diets. He said a birthday party should be about the people not the food. That is what you demonstrated this past weekend. The weekend was about the people not the diabetes. Thank you for reminding me what is important abut living with diabetes.