Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Summer's End: #AADE19, #AADEDSMS, DDRC, Never Ending Insurance Issues~

It’s been a long summer and a while since I’ve last posted. 

Here’s what’s going on with me since I last posted. 

I traveled to Houston in August (super hot, great food,) and covered AADE19 for Ascensia Diabetes Care and Co-Chaired Ascensia’s #AADEDSMS Diabetes Social Media Conference. AADEDSMS discussion topics included diabetes stigma, the importance of talking about complications, diabetes tech, and Health Insurance in the US. 
You’ll recognize many of the names who attended the summit - and those who followed  The Ascensia #AADEDSMS Summit virtually and via the hashtag on twitter. 
My first in a series  of three articles covering AADE is up and running over on Ascensia’s website. 
Click HERE, give a read and many thanks in advance.

Disclosure: Ascensia paid for my expenses and provided me with an honorarium. 
As always, when it comes to my writing, all thoughts are mine and mine alone.

The Rest Of My Summer….
Work, connecting with family, ocean workouts - primarily body surfing. 
 I love body surfing -I love how it makes me feel and I love the positive impact that body surfing has on my blood sugars, heart, shoulders, and lungs.

Speaking of the ocean, it’s hurricane season - Dorian is wreaking havoc in The Bahamas and Abaco Islands, and threatening the east coast. 
As someone who survived Hurricane Sandy - I’m nervous and have my Diabetes emergency bag ready to go at all times. 
If you’re anywhere near Dorian’s path, click HERE and check out The Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition - info found there will help you prepare diabetes wise for any weather related disaster. 

Insurance Issues
I’ve been dealing with insurance issues since April because I live in the US and it’s a never ending and ongoing struggle. 

First my insurance Company switched my insulin coverage in January and they no longer cover Apidra - the insulin that works best for me. I’ve struggled with higher numbers the past few months and I know using an insulin other than Apidra is one of the reasons why.
Still appealing - diabetes bitch-switch is flipped and dialed up to 11. 

This summer I developed peroneal tendonitis and was prescribed a prescription lidocaine cream (after my lidocaine patch RX refill was denied,) and that was covered by my insurance in June. 
When I went to get my RX refilled in July, it was no longer covered - thanks to a third party company that was hired to review all RXs that came their way and via my insurance company. 

Apparently I didn’t fit the criteria to be granted the RX and said third party company continues to deny said RX after multiple appeals. More to follow~


Rick Phillips said...

How dare you have need to use insurance. Good grief, apparently you have failed to comprehend that when you buy insurance, you are never supposed to need it, and if you do not need it, you would never care about what is or is not covered. :)

Come on Kelly get with the program.

FatCatAnna said...

Psst, little lady ... wanna check out what I have in my coat? Seriously though, really, they won't cover your Apidra?