Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Feeling Stressed During The Holidays? You Are Not Alone!

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It’s the holidays - lots of running around, trying to finish up end of year work projects (speaking of - please check out my 3 part series covering the Diabetes Tech Meetings over at Ascensia,) getting our ducks in a row for the new year, while shopping, cooking, and figuring out all the holiday logistics. 

Diabetes - factors into our end of year craziness too. 

Cramming in last-minute doctors appointments, getting our end-of-year Rx’s filled - or at least trying too - many running into roadblocks when it comes to end of year durable medical equipment Rx approval and delivery - before January 1 and a new deductible rolls around - and trying not to lose our shit in the process.

Navigating the holiday carb party extravaganza, including explaining that “yes we can eat that,” because we have done a lot of work, including all the diabetes math, in order to have those Christmas Cookies/wine/and or whatever else is on our plate. 

Not to mention dealing with blood sugars in all dimensions because there are at least 42 different factors that impact our blood sugars. 

For some, the holidays bring up family dynamics that are complicated and anything but happy. 

Many others are feeling the tremendous loss of loved ones that only the holiday season can bring. 
For some this holiday season is the toughest part in the year of firsts without the person they love. For others, the loss and sadness pops up again … and just when they thought they were OK. 

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or sad re: all of the above and or things not mentioned above - that’s OK. 

You are allowed to. 

You are doing your best. 

You are not alone. 

You are human. 

You are magnificent. 


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No stress here. I have noticed some stress with Mrs. Phillips. But she married me, I figure she must be immune to stress.