Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Dear DOC: Love & Happy Whatever ~

"The wings", 1958 / Salvador Dali; 1904-1989- Internet
Dear DOC - 
Whatever the holiday season means to you, no matter what you celebrate and or don’t,  
I want you to know that each and every one of you means the world to me - I appreciate and I am incredibly grateful to you have in my world and on my side. 

You are my gifts - the kind that keeps on giving. 

You inspire; make me smile, teach me lessons every damn day, make me laugh from my belly, and lift me up whenever I stumble and fall. 

You make me a better person - diabetes or not.

Please remember that you count, that you make a difference  - that you have made a difference in my life - and others. 

You are more than the sum of your numbers - more than your last a1c.

You are more than you realize and you matter to many. 

Celebrate yourself and all your victories - large and small.  

Each and every one of you - across the board and no matter the diabetes type, are truly magnificent.

Simply put: YOU ROCK and rock my world in the best of ways.

Love and happy whatever, 


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Rick Phillips said...

Kelly, Merry Christmas to you as well Kelly !!