Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Diabetes - I NEED A VACATION

Dear Diabetes-


I need a vacation from you, and all you entail.

I need a vacation from the blood sugar testing; the carb counting, the bolusing, the temporary basal rates of it all.

I need a vacation from blood sugar testing- Oh wait, I already mentioned that. But since I test my sugars between 10 and 15 times a day- I’ll mention it again.

My fingers and I need a break from the continual blood sugar testing!

I need a vacation from my infusion set’s getting caught on doorknobs.

I need a vacation from the unexplained highs and the unexplained lows.

I need a vacation from the stares….and the glares from the Food Police.

I need a vacation from the anxiety you bring with you to my world every single day your in it.

I need a vacation from the planning you require of me- every single time I walk out the door.

I need a vacation from continually having to consider you, whenever I try and plan my day-to-day living.

I need a vacation from the quadruple checking to make sure I have all your Diabetes paraphernalia including but not limited to: spare batteries, testing supplies, backup testing supplies, backup infusion sets, insulin, glucose tabs, & extra food “just in case” you decide to head south.

I need a vacation from being “tethered” to my plastic pancreas.

And damn if I don't need a vacation from my faulty pancreas!

I wonder what it would be like to spend even 1 day with a pancreas that was fully functional?

I need a vacation from you Diabetes.

And I can never take one, because you are with me - ALWAYS.

I accept that- because ignoring you won’t make you go away.

Ignoring you would mean you’d win- and that will never happen.

I own you- and I’m in charge of our day to day of it all- NOT YOU.

BUT, I can take a break from writing about you- even if it’s just for one day.

And thanks to Ninjabetic's super delicious ideal, my blog will be sans Diabetes for October 1, 2009. Because that day has been created and christened by Ninjabetic as "NO D-DAY."

I'm SO down with that!

All the Diabetes blogs will be chock full of all sorts of interesting stuff that day- and none of those posts will have anything to do with you!

On that day, maybe I’ll write about my love of water sports and the ocean.

Maybe I’ll write about my first job out of College- A freelance Features Writer at Atlantic City Magazine.

OR maybe I’ll write about How much I love cupcakes (wait a sec, scratch that,) been there, done that!

Maybe I’ll write about my fabulous nieces and nephews, all 12 of them.

And how they are ALL amazingly talented on all levels and how they make me so proud and happy.

Or maybe I’ll write about the day I broke like 10 EPA laws (unknowingly of course,) by swimming with the manatees in Key Largo- and how I fed the baby Manatee (I named him Scaboo btw- and even wrote a children’s story about him) with a fresh water hose and cradled him in my arms. Maybe I’ll write about how he grabbed my hand with his flipper (did you know that they actually have fingers under their flippers? Yeah, neither did I) and how he curled his flipper around my hand and held it. Maybe I’ll write about how that single act made me cry happy tears.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to write, but I'll figure it out.

Diabetes, while I may not be able to take a true vacation from you, for one day, I’m not going to write about you!


Kelly K


Crystal said...

Fabulous. ;-)
Oh, what a vacation would be without the D. Hmmm.

Woot to The George. Oct 1st...I shall write about anything But the D. Awesome.

Cara said...

I need a vacation too. :/
My need of a vacation is part of the reason I haven't blogged in almost 2 months. I may have to post on Oct 1st. Just because I will get my chance to write about something non-diabetic.
Maybe my love of cupcakes. :)

George said...

I love it! I can't to read what everyone writes about. We need a break, a total break.

and you need to vacation also in Southern California. My wife and kids want to meet my friend who loves bacon!!!!

Mark said...

Love this idea! The manatee story would be great. I love heart rendering stories...

phonelady said...

Oh my think of that a day in the life w/o the d . yes that would be such a relief . Gawd I love the thought of it too bad it is just a dream .

Meri said...

I just did it. I took a vactation from it for 4 beautiful days. But I'm not pwd, I'm a mom of 3 of them. And when I came back and blogged about the euphoria of it all it completely gobsmacked me in the face that my sweet boys can not do it. And the guilt and the saddness came.

People with Diabetes are rock stars. No doubt. I have never met one who is not amazing.

Cherise said...

Kudo's K-2! Love the post! and I'm excited about the break.

Jim F said...

Thanks for the post. I think we could all use a permanent break from diabetes. As I could relate to everything you wrote for me the biggest thing I could use a beak from is sticking the fingers on my right hand ten to fifteen times a day as I do not stick my left hand at all because I play guitar. Yes, a vacation would be nice but a cure would be better! :-)