Monday, September 28, 2009

Red Donut Rising...Or...A Carb Free Donut Is Not Necessarily A Good Thing

Red Donut Rising.........

This weekend turned out to be interesting on all fronts. Including diabetes.

It started Friday afternoon after I went to the Dermatologist's office to have some “Beauty Marks” looked at. After a complete body scan/ body map- I was told that my beauty marks were just that- but that I needed to come back in 6 months- and just in case I wasn’t already aware of this fact- I was incredibly full of freckles- even though I am a freak about sunscreen. Thanks Dr. – just want I wanted to hear…on all counts.

ON the positive- nothing needed to be removed- which was great, since I had plans to spend Saturday and in NYC and didn’t feel like going there with a face full of stitches.

Then I got a phone call from my friend who I supposed to be having dinner with.He and his significant other were sick (like in bed with fever sick) and were canceling.

I was OK with that. I still had plans to take the train and go to the American Diabetes EXPO at the Javitz Center. I was hopping to meet up with some DOC friends, maybe meet Charlie Kimball and see both his super cool car and tricked out juice helmet, and get all diabetes Diva-fied with the Divabetics.

MY train ticket was already booked and lets face it, a day in NYC is never a bad thing.

I tweeted about being in NYC contacted a few folks about going. I updated my new iphone with old DOC numbers from my old phone and new ones from email. For the peeps I hadn't contacted- I planned emailing them from the train.

Cut to 7:12 a.m.Saturday morning and me running down the steps. OK – I wasn’t running- I didn’t get the chance to. I literally air stepped (if there is such a move) off the first step and my legs flew up towards the sky, my wrist hit the railing and my butt slammed against the edge of the first, then the second steps. I saw stars.

When I got my baring straight I immediately noticed to things:

  1. I could move my arms and legs- which was a good thing.
  2. MY ASS WAS KILLING ME- which was not such a good thing.

I got up, with tears streaming down my face and walked slowly down the steps shaking like a leaf. I tried to get a feel for what had happened and what it meant. My left wrist was bleeding and if I had been a better frame of mind- I would have grabbed my monitor and tested- Why waste the blood?

I tried sitting and winced in pain- I stood up and tried sitting again- and felt a dull pain where my coxsix bone met my posterior and my legs felt like Jell-O. I knew I had to go to the Dr. I texted a few people in NYC, some got the texts, and some did not. Which meant in my rush to text them the news about my sore ass, I’d texted to the wrong numbers- which meant a complete stranger got the news of my bruised ego and ass- instead of Stacey from ACT 1.

As I was about to get in the car and drive to the ER, my neighbor (who was a nurse) saw me crying and walking like a duck. She asked me what happened and I told her. She shooed me in her house and said: You’ll be in the ER all day, let me take a look.

I weighed my choices.

Choice A: Me in the ER until sometime after lunch, (It was already close to 9) if I was lucky. I’d most likely leave with a large ER bill,an over priced donut ring, and maybe an RX for Tylenol 3, which I already possessed.

Choice B: Let my neighbor Lynne see my coccyx bone in all it’s glory and possibly prevent an excruciating long and drawn out visit to the ER.

I went with B and put my pride in my pocket and dropped my pants to my knees. No external bruising- which was good. Severe tenderness, slight swelling and redness. Lynne suggested I go buy a Donut Ring to sit on, ice for 20 minutes 4 to 6 times daily,lie on my stomach whenever possible, and walk when ever I could to keep the muscles stretched. I was also to avoid sitting and long car rides for at least 3 to 5 days- Yeah, no problem there Lynne!

Advil and or Tylenol were suggested to ease the aches and tenderness.

If I really felt the need to go see a Doc, she could recommend


Actual Aeriel footage of Kelly's Carb Free Donut~

So I bought a “carb free donut” at Rite Aide that only came in one color: FIRE ENGINE RED. Yes, REALLY. Not the color for calm and soothing, and definitely not the color of being subtle and blending in. I paid for it and blew it up in the parking lot because at this point I had no shame and didn’t give a crap who saw me.

I iced, I took my Advil and by 1PM I was going STIR CRAZY from lying on my belly and watching mindless television on such a gorgeous day.

My friend Cathy picked me up and we went to a near by street fair, where we saw this guy standing around and I have to admit- he made me smile- and laugh- which really helped! And it also made my butt hurt so yeah- everything is connected!

Who you gonna call? Ass Busters!

My blood sugars ran slightly elevated Saturday evening ( which may have had to to with the chicken Gyro I ate at the fair) but were fine yesterday.

So what did I learn from all this?

1. The first step is indeed a doozy.

2. My Asno Redondo (my fine round ass) is not quite as round, or as cushioned, or as fine as I thought.

3. And having to have a carb free donut is not necessarily a good thing. I'll take an RX for a fully loaded carb-filled cupcake any day ~


Nan said...

yikes!! i'm so sorry this happened to you! i'm afraid it's happened to the best of us friend! no fun at all. healing is long. i hope you're doing better now. did they have donuts with sprinkles?

phonelady said...

I hope you truly are okay and nothing more serious happened to you , I will pray that you heal soon and not in much pain . I am sending you well wishes and a speedy recovery .

Kelly said...

Oh no! Hope you are feeling a bit less sore today, weird though, injuries seem to be more painful days after! Whats up with that?

I had my own fall on Saturday too, but not nearly as serious as yours. I slipped on the dog leash my daughter left on the tile floor, flew into the air much like you explained, and landed on my side banging my head on the tile while screwing up my wrist trying to break the fall! OUCH is right! My BS went wonky just as well, and I cried too. Strange how that happens. So I'm with ya! Feel better!

Cara said...

Yuck. Poor Kelly! So sorry to hear about it. But I will say it sounds like something I would do. :)

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Ugh! Don't you hate those?! Hope you're back to shaking your tail feather pain-free soon {:-)

Lea said...

feel better soon! it's so scary to fall like that.

George said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe you should dunk that donut in milk? I'm just sayin'

I know bacon wrap!

wv: hydroopu - Wow I have nothing to say about that!

Meri said...

Be sure to make that 6 month appt with the derm! My husband, 37 and fab, ended up with surgery and chemo this year. Wish we had a 'every six month derm visit' routine in place before all that happened. :(

And sorry about your dairiair! Hope it feels better soon!

flounder said...

I think that the scrapple gods were getting even with you.

Crystal said...

Oh goodness!

Hope you feel better soon hon!

k2 said...

Thanks! No the donut did not have Sprinkles- we call them Jimmies here in the East coast!

Your so sweet! Thanks for your thoughts , prayers and well wishes- RIGHT BACK AT YOU!

I hope your wrist is feeling better! It must be the name Kelly * the way the planets were alined on Saturday!
Hang in there and get better!!

"Wicked" minds think alike! ;)

I'm working on u-ruffling those tail feathers!

Lea- It sure was- this is my second incident involving steps- the first one was a long time ago and involved a cordless phone and me breaking my wrist. This is much better....I think ;)

Thanks friend! I know you mention bacon- I knew it! Ga dunk-a-dunk-dunk-dunk!

I hope your husband is doing better!!! HUGS and POSITIVE thoughts and prayers to your whole family !

The Scrapple Gods can kiss my boney ass! ;)

THanks Dolly!


Stacey D. said...

Again, I'm so sorry about your fall :( I hope today you're feeling even better! And we should definitely take a raincheck on our meet up!! We have a sunk-in living room with 2 steps on each side of the room and I have fallen 3 times since living there ... totally wiping out on the first step down and landing flat on my back. One time there were even skid marks on the floor from my slippers! I know it's not fun so I do hope you feel better soon!