Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmm? Continued.

I’m smart (not MENSA smart mind you,) but I have enough sense to come out of the rain so to speak. Anyway, there are things I just don’t get- and continually make me go: Hmmmmm.

And everyone once in a while - I post about them.

SO (and in no particular order) here are some additions to things in this universe that make me go Hmmm?

Algebra – And yes, I have the High School & college transcripts to prove it.

Why 2 bottles of insulin cost me $138 dollars out of pocket- and why is it that my insurance company ONLY reimburses me 40%, which comes out to be $55.

Why does my insurance company penalize me because insulin is not made in a generic form? It’s not like it’s a “luxury” medication to make my eyelashes grow longer, thicker, & more luxurious. I need insulin to live for goodness sake!

Why do people LOVE to eat Scrapple? Not me, of course. I have not ideal why ANYONE in the universe would eat something called Scrapple and I have a very vivid memory of my 4 year old self saying that very same phrase to my mother.

For those of you not in the East Coast Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware region-Scrapple is a “delicacy,” (and I use that term VERY LOOSELY) which one either loves or loathes. Let’s just say it’s made from the “scrap” pieces from a pig. I think I would loathe it- even though to be fair, I’ve never eaten it. And I NEVER will.

Why does my insulin pump battery need to changed the ONE time I forget to carry a spare?

Why do people watch “The Hills?” Now to fair, I’ve NEVER watched the show, so I may very well be missing out on something phenomenal. But for what

I’ve seen and read about the show and its stars, IT"S TOTALLY FAKE. And they “seem” to be shallow- like really shallow. More shallow then the bay at low tide.

How come whenever I’m at my moms and we’re watching TV, a commercial for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) comes on?

And why does she ask me every single time what ED is??? This NEVER happens to my siblings!

Why are people shocked when I tell them I’ve never eaten anything from Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Why are most shoes made for those of us made with wide feet so ugly and sensible looking? A wide toe span does not mean that one has no sense of fashion and or taste.

Why are Kim Kardashian and her sisters famous?

Why is it that that Every January 1st, the cost for my insulin magically goes down to $126 for two bottles, but then and just as magically, go back up to $138 once I reach my deductible?

Why do nail fungus commercials think I actually want to see either a real live nail fungus or an artist’s rendering on said commercial? I’ll take your word that they do indeed suck- I don’t need visuals!

Why do people only see this face:

Or These faces

Or These.....

As the faces of Diabetes?

People with Diabetes are a diverse group spanning many ages, races, and types and it's time the media represent all of our faces!


Crystal said...

Hmmmm. Hate scrapple, love Philly. Why did I move? I would be closer to the fabu Diazon that is you if I hadn't. Hmmmm.

wv: micat
I blame micat.

tmana said...

Dunno scrap 'bout scrapple, but it would seem that a lot of old-timey "delicacies" are made of organ meats, leftover fats, and skin. One reason is that people -- especially poor people (which was most of us) -- had trouble getting enough to eat and had to "make do" with what was "left over", another that the choicest parts were the fattiest parts and/or the parts highest in protein. (Consider cracklings, schmaltz, lard sandwiches, etc.)

Why do insurance companies cover male performance drugs at all??? To me, that is the equivalent of covering Botox-for-cosmetic-reasons-only. And when I see "ED", I'm more likely to think "Eating Disorder" -- because, as you know, many people with diabetes develop disordered eating as a result of trying to manage our blood glucose levels. And based on those Levitra commercials ("I didn't know diabetes could cause ED", I'd rather have insurance cover enough frakkin' test strips to keep PWD in good control -- then they wouldn't need that little blue pill that will do nasty things to women if they accidentally touch it.

Oh... and even worse than the "ED" commercials are the "Extenze" commercials. I swear, they nauseate me...

phonelady said...

I so wonder about the same thing about the insulin and the insurance companies . amen to that and I so want to scream at them everytime . I cant get health insurance so be glad you can get it to begin with .but it is okay to fuss with them I do it all the time . thanks for sharing and posting this great blog .

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Cracking up here ;-) The only commercials that gross me out more than those for ED are anything with (a) Jamie Lee Curtis and (b) the phrase "digestive health". Seriously we are getting closer to "Colon Blow" every day people. However I have a merry olde time making fun of those crazy Flomax ads. "MEN! Standing behind other MEN! Going to the bathroom with other MEN! Look at all that water--it must mean something! MEN!" (My husband will leave the room when they come on!)

Scrapple frightens me, and I've had alligator and haggis (:-X

Val said...

I'm sorry - my browser scrolled to just above Wilfred's eyebrows - and I thought you were treating us to a lovely close-up picture of nail fungus anyway.

yeech! LOL!

Jim Huck said...

Hmmmm....Scrapple. That's a new word.