Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fight It Friday Is The New Black

So instead of getting up at 4:am to get the 'so called" deals on what was formally known as Black Friday, why not stay inside and indulge in Thanksgiving leftovers and help your fellow diabetics in the process???
Why not be a socially aware Rock Star trend-setter & participate in Fight It Friday?

What's that you ask? Well, the folks over at Diabetic Rockstar have a goal to raise $4,000 to help uninsured/financially struggling diabetics and their families this holiday season. Diabetic Rockstar's Fight It! Campaign on what was formally called Black Friday, has now been deemed "Fight It Friday! On that day, Diabetic Rock Star hopes to help offset the cost of managing diabetes for the duration of the holiday season for these families, or cover the expense for sudden emergency medical services they may incur.

And that's where you come in. All you have to do is click HERE , and donate $1 dollar to the cause. That one dollar, when added to many, equal helping keep insulin and supplies in the mix this holiday season for those that can't afford it. You'll be doing a great deed and will surely make it to Santa's "NICE" List, and will TOTALLY ROCK in every sense of the term!


Kerri. said...

I'm going to be a socially-aware, rockstar trendsetter, damnit! :)

Great post, Kelly. I'm passing this along!

Christopher Thomas said...

Thanks Kelly!

Cherise said...

I'm in!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Done and done!