Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So it started on simply enough, I was bored at my freelance job, so I started tweeting “little known diabetes facts:"

Little known #diabetes fact: Diabetes does indeed make you better at math- whether you want to be or not

Little known #Diabetes fact: Fiber is our friend~

Little known diabetes fact: Cupcakes are MUCH easier to bolus for than pasta- It's true!

Little known diabetes fact: It is possible to test your blood sugar & do a correction bolus before the red light changes to green~

Then folks started retweeting them and Karen over at Bittersweet, gave her retweet a hashtag #Diabetesfact.

So once the hashtag was created,I couldn’t stop!

The following tweets are what followed. Those with Just the #diabetesfact are attributed to yours truly, and those with a name are contributed by other great minds of the DOC.

All are ring true and a more than a few will make you chuckle!

So, what’s your #Diabetesfact?

#Diabetesfact A high blood sugar feels like your walking through JELLO.

#diabetesfact : icecream is much easier 2 bolus for then risotto.

#diabetesfact : the diabetes police are mostly clueless & always annoying.

#diabetesfact : insulin smells like bandaids & fear.

#diabetesfact ; doorknobs are not friends to infusion sets.

#diabetesfact : You only crave carbs when your bloodsugar is blowing sky high

#diabetesfact :Test strips are found in the oddest and most intimate places.

#diabetesfact: IF CSI dropped by just for shit & giggles-they'd be totally confused. They'd find a blood trail, but no body.

#diabetesfact : When some 1 asks if "I'm allowed to eat that," my inclination is to call them a whore. Is that wrong?

#diabetesfact : People with diabetes are glucose tab connoisseurs. Don't even think about offering me grape flavor.

#Diabetesfact : Insulin bottles only break when your down to your last bottle.

#Diabetesfact : "Diatetic candy" causes gastrointestinal explosions that will rock your world-& not in the good way.

#Diabetesfact : You only need to change your pump battery when you have none on your person.

RT @ElizabethArnold #diabetesfact You'll never get gushers changing pump sites unless you happen 2b wearing a $500 white blouse &/or pants

#Diabetesfact : Blame me parents for my diabetes& I'll blame your parents for your stupidity. I'll take Diabetes over being stupid any day

#diabetesfact : Give a pig a pancake and you make them. smile. Offer a Diabetic a cupcake and you have a friend for life!

CALpumper #DiabetesFact Just because you think you know, doesn't mean it is. Don't try to manage My disease. Thanks.

#diabetesfact :PWDs are savants when it comes 2counting carbs. Glass of SilkSoy,10carbs-1gr of fibr=8grs of carbs & 10 minutes to Whopner!

CureT1Diabetes #diabetesfact Yes it hurts to lance a finger and draw blood (would you like to try it?).

CureT1Diabetes #diabetesfact No, my son does not want to hear what happened to your grandparent with diabetes all those years ago.

#Diabetesfact :Telling me that you "can get me off insulin in a month if I give up all things white" results in a verbal smackdown-l will win.

CALpumper #DiabetesFact No matter the Type, it is a Very individual disease. We are all so different. Embrace that part of it. Don't Ever judge.

CaseyWash #diabetesfact being a productive member of society is REALLY hard when your brain has no energy source #diabetes lows suck

#Diabetesfact : Before you even ask, YES, I'm allowed to eat that.

#Diabetesfact : Getting blood from a stone is sometimes easier than getting blood from a person with diabetes fingertips.

#Diabetesfact : Getting blood from a stone is sometimes easier than getting blood from a person with diabetes fingertips.


Rachel said...

This was awesome yesterday :)

Sandra Miller said...

Fantastic list, Kelly.

(Btw, my son is in Honors Algebra and he says it's "really easy" - so yeah. :-)

Cherise said...

#diabetesfact If you can eat it, so can I!

#diabetesfact infusion sites (sometimes) hurts like heck

#diabetesfact "perfect" numbers are sometimes ruined by unexpected highs/lows

Crystal said...

#Fact: You. Rock.

I love when you start trends. So awesome. It was fun joining in. ;-)

Love ya to pieces Diazon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

wv: pingeasa
Ping easa makin' it easier this Holiday season. Ha. (ok that was way lame)

Scott K. Johnson said...

This was fantastic. I loved the bits and pieces I caught on Twitter, but having them all rounded up in once place here is WAY better!

Lora said...

So this is what I miss by not keeping up with Twitter! Thank you for posting on your blog! Fun and funny.

#diabetesfact You tend to run lowest when you're least hungry. (I hate force-feeding before bed...)

Anonymous said...

''Getting blood from a stone is sometimes easier than getting blood from a person with diabetes fingertips.''

Should I be worried? I check atleast 10 times a day and I already have "black pits" in my fingertips! D: