Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pasta La Vista, Baby!

Day Four of Diabetes blog week is all about CARBS, as in do you eat them? As in to "carb" a little, "carb" a lot, or "carb" every now and then.
I love carbs, always have, always will. There are some challenging carbs that I can absolutely achieve "Blood Sugar Nirvana "with. Examples can be found HERE and HERE.
However, there are some carbs that drive me nuts- both mentally (with the diabetes math of it all) and physically - with the stratospheric blood sugars of it all.
Drastic measures needed to be taken.
I "broke up" with pasta - it had to be done.
I originally wrote this post in August of 2009 - but it absolutely fits for today's assignment. Enjoy!

Dearest Pasta:

It’s not that I don’t love you- of course I love you – we’ve had some great times together.
You and I grew up together after all- we have a long history.

Who can forget the amazing Lasagna of my childhood, which will live in my heart forever?

And the Spaghetti & meatballs of my youth- simply delicious, AND surprisingly musical.
You stirred my performing aspirations-I kid you not my friend!

As a precocious 4 year old, I ‘d break into song every time a bowl of S & M (Gimps, mind out of the gutter- I’m referring to Spaghetti & meatballs for god sakes) would appear in front of my place, I’d start to sing ”On Top of Old Smokey," because it would make my dad laugh.
Ah, good times… good times….

Dearest Veggie Penne Pasta in a white wine sauce of my mid 20’s- you were the first dish that I could make on my own that people actually wanted seconds of!

As a culinary dish, you were the one who gave me confidence to hone my cooking skills. Thank you for inspiring me!

But honestly Dearest Pasta -we’ve grown apart and I’ve found that having you in my life, (not to mention on my plate) on a very limited bases works much better for me.

It’s NOT YOU–it’s ME. I’m the one who’s changed. YOUR great and I will miss you- especially whenever I hear the immortal words:
On top of old Smokey, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, when somebody sneezed.”

It’s just that my tastes buds now veer towards Spaghetti Squash covered in my fabulous Diablo Sauce with grilled salmon burgers sans the bun, and baked Chicken Parm sans the pasta.

Don’t take it personally-I just can’t seem to achieve “Blood Sugar Nirvana” where your concerned.
I’ve found that whenever we get "it on" and you’re my main dish, you make me physically tired (and not in the good way) and all types of bloat like.
My numbers are elevated for hours if not days.

You’ll still appear at meals- but only ON OCCASION, as a side dish and in a low carb version.
Trust me, LESS IS MORE these days and people will be impressed with your new attitude.

From one “Hot Dish” to another,

Pasta La Vista Baby!
Kelly K


Anonymous said...

Awesome Letter to Pasta! Love it. Absolutely! Now, I'm going to take the idea nd write a letter to that evil cupcake lounging on my desk, staring at me, whispering bad things, and throwing paperclips in my direction every time I look away...

The Piquant Storyteller said...

This is a great post!

Rachel said...

I've been slowly backing away from the pasta myself, so this was perfect for me to read today!!

Kelly said...

I've never had a problem with pasta, I usually go low first no matter what, and I do a square wave. No problems. UNTIL, last night (honeymoon ended back in January and things are getting crazy) I was 308 3hrs PP!! GASP! I'm hoping I dont have to lose the pasta! Nice to hear your eating habits, I always wonder what my other D friends eat all day or avoid! Thanks for sharing!

Heidi =) said...

Kelly I love that you can find so much humor in life not to mention D. I love to laugh and will be reading your blog often. Laughter is good medicine especially for us moms who neurotically try to control D. (I didn't think I had control issues until D came in to our life) Thanks for the laugh!

Jillian said...

Spaghetti squash is sooo good and a great alternative! Too bad my family usually likes to stick with regular old spaghetti most of the time. Love this post!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments! ^^
My birthday is not yet (30th of May) but thank you anyway!
And the skirt is not handmade!

I already ordered a new clip. I have killed more than 5/6? I think in one year of pumping diabetics!

Unknown said...

Mmmm... pasta....