Friday, June 25, 2010

Diabetesalicious-Lite 6/25/10

Vegas post postponed until Monday due to work issues and power outages in my area. So today's post is all types if Diabetesalicious-lite!

I'll be heading out to Florida on Monday for The Roche Diabetes/New Media Summit on Tuesday and the first day of CWD Friends for Life on Wednesday - should be an interesting and fun few days!

Nici over at A Sweet Journey Into Motherhood gave birth to a handsome baby boy named Lukas!! Welcome to the world baby boy!

David Edelman from Diabetes Daily has a great interview with Diabetes Coach Ginger Viera - Click HERE to read it!

Want to read about an UBER CWD? This years Diabetesmine Kids Category winner is all that and then some! Click HERE to read about Megan Khoury. She's got smarts, she's got talent and she ROCKS!!

For my fellow Nutella nuts, CLICK HERE! And be sure to Thank/tweet Elizabeth Arnold / @ElizabethArnold for the heads up!

I thought my Diabetesalicious Rider was crazy, but Steve Martin's Tour Rider is down right HOLLYWOOD! God I love him!

This post is short and sweet and I'm missing tons, but I made it to the power outage deadline with 5 minutes to spare. 6 hrs w/no power - Icepacks and cooler ready to go - hope it's enough to keep my insulin cold! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I will be able to read and post comments from my iPhone!


FatCatAnna said...

As you could tell in our Twitter convo over your posting about NUTELLA - check out the recipe link - and beware - you will want to try out everyone -

I'm afraid to look over in Europe - incase they have even more decadent versions.

BTW, I can get Nutella way cheaper for you here in Canada. Do you think I should open up an online store for all of you PWD's in the US of A? LOL!!! Also, because of how Canada is made up of every race/colour (I love Canada!!!) - we get so many great foods here. There are even versions of Nutella that are just as good and cheaper (you can tell which version I buy).

Here's to double dipping into our jars of Nutella.

Penny said...

Hey Kel - hope you survived the power outage, I heard it on KYW it was rolling your way. I just survived a challenge of 'Save the Insulin!' when the semi-tornado blew thru Philly last night. No power from 4 pm yesterday til an hour ago (it's 1 pm now). Oh the tale I could tell, but I did indeed, Save the Insulin!

Have fun at Roche and at CWD. Saving up for G and I to go to CWD one year...

Jacqueline said...

Enjoy the week a head. Looking towards reading the Vegas post.

Unknown said...

I need to get over and read David's interview of Ginger! I'm a big fan of Ginger and all that she's doing. She is fabulous!