Thursday, April 14, 2011

Signs Of My Diabetes Life.......


Signs of my diabetes life are all around me - around every twist and turn.
Insulin pump is a constant companion, clipped on my hip or strategically hidden on my leg.
Still, to many a folk - it's surprisingly vague.

Glucose tabs on the night stand,
A 6 pack of juice boxes under the bed.
test strips found in the oddest of places,
And all sorts of numbers continually floating around in my head.

A glucose meter on my bedroom window sill
Another in the trash, because of the water I spilled.
Still another lives in a cute little carry case, kept in my fabulous purple hand bag
And lways an integral part of this road show of life, that is my diabetes sight gag~

Insulin bottles inside my fridge,
Spare infusion sets found all over my digs.

Keto tests strips next to the loo
In regards to those ketones that may run askew.

Doorknobs as archenemy's
Spare batteries are trusted friends,
And carb counts do indeed help lead the way,
And play a very huge part in my never ending alphanumeric display.

Highs verses lows
Should I disclose?

To CGM or not? Is a question I ask myself all time.
Will it really, REALLY help to keep me in my prime?

With so many diabetes tricks up my sleeve,
Will "Blood Sugar Nirvana," actually be achieved?

So it continually, continues all over again -
Because my life as a diabetes science experiment, never ends!


Cara said...

I love the Beaker picture. :)

Patrick McConnell said...

Great Post,

I used to rock a hair-do like Beaker`s back in the day...:)


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Great poem! :)

Unknown said...'s crazy how this stuff just blends into our life to create normal as we know it.

Beautiful tribute to the tidbits that make up our realitiy.

Penny said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Kelly! I too love how it all just blends together and into our lives in all places. Just a part of life. Thanks for the poetic description!

Beta Bandit said...

I recently got a pump pack that I'm blending into mylife... I sometimes feel like a camel packed for a road trip! lol