Friday, May 13, 2011

10 Things I LOVE About Diabetes

Day 5 of Diabetes Blog Week is all about LOVE, as in the TEN THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT DIABETES. Since Blogger ate my post from yesterday: 10 THINGS I DISLIKE INTENSELY ABOUT DIABETES, and the comments from said post, I'm hesitant to post at all, but here it goes!!

The 10 things I love about diabetes in no apparent order are:

10. Achieving Blood Sugar Nirvana after eating a cupcake!

9. D- Meet Ups! I love, love, love meeting up with other people who have diabetes!
It's amazing to sit around a table and have conversations without out having to explain mid conversation that you need to check your blood sugar!

8. Realizing right before I go to bed that I have enough insulin in my pump to last me until breakfast, and I DON'T need to change my reservoir set.
Sleepy time, excellent!

7. Hearing and reading about my DOC friends doing wonderful things on a daily basis!

6. Getting email from people who tell me they like what I write & dig reading my blog!
Those emails always seem to come at a time when I wonder out loud : WHAT AM I DOING?

Not only do those emails answer my question, they allow me to see myself as others see me - That's an incredible gift that I'm SO THANKFUL FOR.

5. Writing a letter of thanks to another diabetes blogger or a reader who has helped me with a diabetes issue that I've struggled with. I'm so grateful that I have you all as a resource & source of strength!

4. CWDS & TWDS. I love children & teens with diabetes, BIG TIME.

I love how they view the world, I love that they are totally awesome and strong and wise beyond their years.

I love that they have super heightened senses of humor and empathy.

I love when I get to speak with a group of them at an event because they teach me so much!

Children /Teens with diabetes ROCK!

3. Parents of Children with diabetes.
The many parents of children with diabetes who's blogs I read and who I meet in real life continually remind me how hard my own parents worked.

They share their struggles with diabetes that my own parents would not.

Parents with diabetes have shown me that love knows no bounds!

Parents with diabetes also remind me to tell my mother and my late father THANK YOU.

2. People with Diabetes. I LOVE MY D-PEEPS!

Knowing that I'm not alone is comforting; empowering,enlightening and it makes me believe in the power that lies within myself.
My D - Peeps also remind me of the power that we have collectively as a group to help others by continually busting diabetes myths and perpetuate diabetes realities!

1, Knowing that there are people in this world that speak my diabetes language, without ever actually having to utter the D word!


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

What a fantastic list. I love your appreciation for the various people in the community. It brings me back to one of the first posts of yours I read - your visit to a Dcamp - and how you connected with the kids. I love that you can love so much about diabetes and share it with all of us.

Amy said...

Great List! You are one of the only things I like about diabetes because my daughter Haley admires and respects you because you are a wonderful role model. Thanks for sharing!

Vivian said...

YOu Rock Lady!

Penny said...

I LOVE your list and you Kel!

Katie said...

This is such a wonderful and positive list!

Liz said...

Great list fellow D-peeps! You have helped me in so many ways. Even though you don't know me, you have made an impression!

Stacey D. said...

I love how you did the "sequel" to yesterday's topic. And I love the items on your list too ... they are awesome :-)

colleen said...

You are amazing and positive and just plain cute!

Meagan said...

Awesome list!!! And I soooo agree, children and teens with "D" totally ROCK...what amazing people. :)

Nan said...

i love your humor, your frank-ness and your advocate's heart!! xo