Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 5 of Diabetes Blog Week: Saturday Snapshots

Day 5 of Diabetes Blog Week is all about SATURDAY SNAP SHOTS. As in life with diabetes via pictures.
OK I thought to myself, I can do that! All my pictures have numbers, blood, sugar and diabetes of course, as a recurring theme. But I assure you, it's not at all as gruesome as it sounds!

Check out my pics & hope you can relate!!

First thing in the morning means testing & putting my used lancet & test strip in the the big bottle of ALL. This keeps the test strip scatter to a minimum & guarantees I change my lancet at least once a day!
FYI: The above meter is NOT the one I carry on my person all the time, it's the one I keep by my bed.
OK, so at least I change that meter's lancet once a day!

Basal rate testing last Spring meant borrowing a CGM from the fantastical @ Gary Scheiner.
Sometimes things really synced up - Like, I totally felt this low as it happened, and it was amazing (and scary) to watch my numbers plummet!
Of course I very annoyed for several reasons, including having to stop my evening basal rate test, which I was 1/2 through. SON OF A BITCH!

And sometimes things didn't Sync up.

But as we all know, sometimes blood Sugar Nirvana is achieved........






Even when it's not your Birthday! ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but now I so want one of those treats... Mmmm. Hey, Happy Birthday!

Lora said...

Happy Birthday!!

Our basal testing ALWAYS gets interrupted... sucks!!

Glad to hear you change your lancet btw.

colleen said...

Happy Birthday!
I want one, too. (the treat, not the birthday)

Liz said...

Happy Birthday to you....may you have blood sugar nirvana all day!!!

Kelly Booth said...

All these cupcake pics this mornings are making me hungry!

Pearlsa said...

The treats looks delicious Happy Birthday

Heidi / D-Tales said...

There's something about the fact that it's a bottle of All, rather than Tide for example, that seems so fitting.

Ahhh, blood sugar nirvana -- it's the best, isn't it?! :)

Vivian said...

Love your pics and love that you use an ALL bottle, we use a bleach bottle. ;) Happy birthday!

Rachel said...

That treat looks so awesome. A very happy birthday to one of the most amazing PWD's I know :)

Cheryl said...

And we use a Gain bottle! ;-)

Thanks for the reminder to change your lancet...passed it on to Nicole who doesn't seem very motivated to change hers :-P

Unknown said...

I need to start using those big bottles, but hubby keeps throwing them away. I think Sarah and I need a craft day to make one so pretty it can't be tossed...

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

:) so needing a cupcake now!!

Unknown said...

Love that your Dexcom pic looks "real" like the crap I see on Joe's...sorry...just sayin' make me feel "normal". Happy Birthday!!!


Meagan said...

Happy Birthday!!! I thought it was a myth that people changed their lancet once a day...I'm currently trying to remember how long mine has been in there...ugh! Love the pics...especially the last one. ;)

GreenAsIGrow said...

Happy Belated Birthday, the day after my birthday April 29, 2011, I was diagnosed with T2. I am slowly making progress and coming to terms with this new addiction to insulin. I need a little info on how to dispose of my used needles from my Lantus Pen and my lancets any suggestions?

k2 said...

Thxs for all the wonderful wishes my friends!

FWSWkayaker - Welcome to the club!
Re: your question I collect my needles & test strips in a detergent bottle and then drop them off at my Endo's.
So pharmacies take them as so some hospitals. Call up your local hospitals/ pharmacies & see if they can take your 'leftovers' off your hands!