Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

When my blood sugar starts to go low, my first real symptom is general wiftyness (which is the exact opposite of swiftness and basically means I act like a bit of an airhead) which sometimes makes it hard to tell if I'm having a blood sugar issue, or just being me.

When my blood sugar starts maneuvering towards towards Canada, I feel very tired, somewhat cranky and like I'm walking through JELLO instead of air. I just want to sleep and yawn between breathes.

I experience the exact same symptoms for high blood sugars, the day before I get my period. Except my blood sugars won't go above 120, no matter what I eat or how little I bolus.

When my infusion set starts to itch, I know it needs to be changed.

If I have unexplained high blood sugars for a few days that have nothing to do with faulty infusion sets, skunky insulin or uber carb loading, I know that my body is fighting something, be it a cold or whatever virus is currently making the rounds. I test more often, sleep more, and maybe try an extended temporary basal rate to ward off whatever bug is currently going around.

The above mentioned are just a few of my many diabetes signs/idiosyncrasies that help navigate through Diabetes Land.

I'm grateful for the heads-up, regardless of what form they take and try to use them to the my advantage whenever they cross my path.

So besides the high and low blood sugars, what are your diabetes signs/idiosyncrasies that give you a heads up as to what's going on before the textbook symptoms known to those of us Diabetes Land start to set in?


Trev said...

Low-Never shut up, High-Crank-pot.

Beta Bandit said...

I'm adding "skunky insulin" to my book of favorite phrases. lol.

Low = werewolf syndrome. Attack fridge.

High = lets sleep 3 hours yay!

Bennet said...

My Sign?

Val said...

Low = stubborn refusal to stop what I'm doing and test. Nothing else, unless I go under 40.

High = Nada. Except over 450, then mouth feels like it's full of pennies.

Why I've been "C" on "CGMS" since Dec 2005.

Also see my post today..

George said...

Low - First stomach feels like a black hole then a happy drunk sort of thing. I have been known to laugh hysterically. Than cry.

High - Angry. short. Mad Camper.

The DL said...

My biggest sign is with high blood sugars. If they won't come down I know I'm fighting off something too..cold or whatever. I know to take extra care and have more vitamins.

Alexis Nicole said...

When Js lows he says he feels like jello. A body without bones.

When hes high super angry, easily irritated and out of charachter.

Bad site..itchy or steady high for a few hours.

Sick..we are there now. Random highs all week. No pattern. It sucks. :(

thanks for sharing yours k2!

Camille said...

I really wish I could feel the lows and highs of D!!! It would really help me do the best I can, witch I already do to the best of my hability, for my sweet little boy!

Yes, I wish I had D instead of him having it!!!

Thanks for bringing light into my every ''D''ay life! ;0)

Unknown said...


LOVE IT!!!!!

Sorry, not that I love it at anyone's expense, I just really appreciate the insight.

For my daughter...

Low = Hungry.
High = Hungry.

Jen said...

I'm with Val on low. Add complete refusal to admit to lowness too. Irritates my loved ones no end. "I'm fine!!!!"
I get flashing lights in my eyes too when I'm approaching the deep end of low (which for me can be well below 40). Anyone else?