Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wearing An Insulin Pump Inspires Creativity - At Least In The Fashion Sense!

Diazons - This one's for you!

So I'm a dress and skirt kind of a gal. I'm also a bit of a tomboy at heart, but girlfriend loves to twirl around in a skirt and sassy pair of heels!

Maybe it's because I actually like my legs, at least for the most part (even if they are a bit skinny,) or maybe it's because skirts and dresses make me feel all types of graceful and dancer like. When in reality, I'm mostly the opposite.

Or maybe it's because I like to mix up my look from time to time, and dresses and skirts allow me to do that.
Whatever the reason, spring has sprung, summer is just around the bend, and I've busted out my favorite a-line skirts and sundresses from the back of my closet.
When I went on the the insulin pump almost nine years ago, skirts and dresses became an issue. YES, I could (and very often have,) clipped my pump to my skirt with no problem.

But dresses are another issue entirely. I've done the bike thigh bike short thing, and that totally works! Except that by the time August rolls around, I really don't feel like another layer of clothing on my person. Still, they're a damn good option.

I've done the little short short,micro bicycle shorts under my dress.
You know the ones that size 0 girls wear when the "workout."

The ones that ride up their butts and have slightly more material than bikini bottoms.
But you have to be a size 0 to wear them... and they tend to make me look like smuggling something.

So about a year after being on the pump, and after much trial and error, I put on my "Thinking/Glam Accessory cap, hit the lingerie section and found a friend with a sewing machine. Here's what resulted.

Photo deleted by mistake - I'm at work and I don't have the file or the "Undo" option on this computer - DAMN WORK PC !

And I will say that I'm a bit creeped out by how many folks downloaded the pic of my leg.

Pic will return when I get back to my home office.

Chronic illness doesn't mean ugly accessories in The Big Book of Kelly!

So, how have you gotten creative with your insulin pump while wearing a dress or a skirt?

Let's face it Diazons, the more options we have to get our dress on with our insulin pumps, THE BETTER WE LOOK!

Keep in mind that while sexy, garters can cut off circulation if you don't wear them properly, or have circulation issues. Which is why you need to be REALLY careful when you wear one.

And even with being careful, garters should only be worn for a short period of time.
If you have any type circulatory, vascular or leg issues - This is not a good option for you.
This option works for me, and I made sure that I checked with my Dr. before I got my garter on - And you MUST check with your Dr. before you hoist your garter up!


Stephie said...

i've tried the "thigh thing" and it's terribly uncomfortable. i usually just put the pump in a baby sock and stick it in my bra. did you make the pump garter yourself? i'm going to have to try this...

Brenda Bell said...

Simple option for a seamstress: if there's a side seam in the dress, add a pump pocket like with Kerri's wedding dress, but for everyday wear.

Sarah said...

I've created a garter using bondage tape (I know... We haven't used it for it's actual intentions) because it sticks to itself but won't stick too bad to you. I've also clipped it to a waist garter thing, the thing that holds up nylons. I've safety pinned a baby sock to my undershorts/boy shorts/bra and stuck my pump in that.

Luckily, I've switched to the pod so no more issues.

The DL said...

This looks so awesome! I too just usually put it in my bra, but this is totally worth a shot!

Lindsay said...

I have a garter type thing to hold my insulin pump, but if I put it on the outside of my thigh, I run into too many things, and my thighs are too big to try and hide it in the middle.

I end up buying dresses that won't be too obvious that I'm "packing something extra" on my undies- I clip it to the side in the front, right underneath my hip bone.

pearlsa said...

I love your sexy garters, I use biker shorts but your solution is look way better.

Lora said...

Do you think Justin would mind if I wore one of those to carry tabs and Juice in??
Hey, these days I'll try just about anything.

Victoria said...

Yay! More advice on pumps and dresses! Thanks for this blog! I think it's safe to assume I won't decide against a pump for dress reasons. Thanks for this blog K2!

Trev said...

Hmmmm, I don't know if I could pull off a skirt and garter belt. I'm already a Murse, and enjoy cooking.