Thursday, June 30, 2011

Because Of Diabetes.... I Will Never Be A Super Creepy Hand Model

Super Creepy Hand Model..... A career that alas I can never have~

Diabetes has made me notice the small things, like carb counts (which can some times be REALLY BIG,) test strips in unexpected places, and extemporaneous pump tubing on a stranger's person.

It has made me notice people's personality, including those who lack tact, and has helped me to put a bright and shining spotlight on those who possess empathy.
I can look at diabetes accoutrement's with an expert eye and give you a professional opinion as to why it's designed right, or where the flaws lie.

So in someways, diabetes has enhanced my engineering talents - And oh how my 8th Grade Mechanical Drawing teacher be proud!

Diabetes has made me have laser sharp focus what food goes into my body and when, and has made this Literature Major a
Diabetes Savant when it comes to numbers, carbs, food, etc.
Diabetes has garunteed that I will NEVER have a career as a
hand model - but I'm OK with that.
Especially after viewing this goofy hand model video -
See Above!
Diabetes has made me think about the BIG things, like health insurance and my civil liberties regarding
TSA patdowns and full body scanners. Diabetes has me always thinking about the threat of complications is always tucked away neatly in the back of my brain, but always there none the less.

Diabetes hasn't stopped me from doing ANYTHING.

Whatever barriers that I came across in my life were because I thought I couldn't do something - And not necessarily because of diabetes.

And for a long time I was guilty of believing others regarding what I could or couldn't do.

Luckily, as I grew older, I grew wiser and now I'm pretty much unstoppable

The only think I can't do because of "the diabetes" is be a super creepy hand model who produces her own insulin - And that's OK, because this >Diazon loves opening life's doors and charging through them - Faulty pancreas or not!


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

If that's the one thing you can't do because of D, then I say thank God!
She is beyond creepy!!

Penny said...

Oh that lady is CREEPY!!! Gives me the willies, Why do I hope she actually gets a paper cut???

Valerie said...

She rattled off a ton of things she CAN'T do...really curious what she CAN do. I can't imagine going to those kind of extremes...I mean, maybe a thousand dollars an hour is worth it? ;) The way she strokes her hands is super creepy and awkward.I want to know what commercials she is in so I can watch out for her!

The Diabetic Camper said...

After seeing the way she almost uses her hands like they are something to worship I don't think I could ever be a hand model.

Kim said...

That lady is way beyond super creepy...

...and I will never get that three minutes of my life back.

Lora said...

That woman is a W-E-I-R-D-O!!!
I felt like she was going to fondle her hands at any minute or is that what she was doing??

Meagan said...

This lady and her hands need to get a room.

With or without D, you are way too cool to be a creepy hand model! Loved your post. :)

Michelle said...

That woman is really creepy! I don't think I've ever seen anyone fondle their hands so much!