Friday, June 17, 2011

If I......

If I were pasta, I'd be served with diablo sauce.
If I were a cupcake, I'd be vanilla coconut.
If I were a band, I'd most likely be a "bittersweet symphony", with a rocker edge and copious sides of Mama Cass, The Beatles, Crowded House, Prince, Lincoln Park, Annie Lennox, madonna, GaGa, Nellie McKay, Mary J. Blige, Pink, Foo Fighters & The Beastie Boys thrown in for good measure.
If I had a hammer, there's a good chance I'd hit the nail on my hand instead of the nail in my hand - And you bet your sweet ass I'd curse like a sailor!
If I were a dancer, I still wouldn't be tiny and my performance would most definitely turn into a comedy of errors.
If I had a dog, I would love it very much.
If I were a movie, I'd most likely be a dramady.
And If I had wings, there's a good chance my feet would never touch the ground.

If I were to meet you on the street, there's more than a good chance that I'd give you a hug.

Except when you have the nerve to send me a blog comment that blames people for their diabetes and then you don't even have the courage (or the cojones) to sign your name.

So I mark your comment as spam and immediately write you a response & post it on my blog since your nom de'plume is Anonymous.

And it reads a little something like this.

Dear Anonymous -
If you're going to leave an offensive comment about my people on my blog, than have the courage to leave your name and stand behind your idiotic and offensive words.
Don't blame people for something you obviously know so little about.
Don't point fingers and say that it's "their own fault" while preaching magic elixirs and cures, stomach stapling and self esteem.
Don't try and divide my family up into types, because while we're all part of different diabetes family branches, we're still all part of the same diabetes family.
If I could meet you in person, I'd tell you all this and then some.

I'd tell you that until you walk in a person with diabetes shoes (regardless of the type,) you have no right to make character assignations or pass judgement on people living with diabetes.

You're not God, nor are you the guru of all things pancreatic and the master of metabolism & all things autoimmune related.
You're just some schmuck with an opinion.

I'm not blaming your lifestyle choices for being a complete moron, so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop trying to convince me that other peoples choices are what's causing their diabetes.

Every person with diabetes has a different story to tell.
How dare you assume to know those stories without bothering to get to know the people behind THEM.

Then I'd tell you why I chose NOT to publish your incredibly offensive comment is because the very act of putting your diabetes myths into print (for all who Google to see,) perpetuates those diabetes myths & stereotypes - And that's just not how I roll~

I'd end it by saying that DIABETES IS NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL DISEASE & that you need to stop perpetuating diabetes myths and stereotypes and take the time to learn the diabetes realities!

And then I might say something like: BITE ME.

And then I'd wash my hands of you.


Sarah K said...

I've been thinking of writing something similar.
A guy on Twitter the night we were having the DSMA discussion about depression tweeted we shouldn't be depressed just because we can't have a piece of cake. Clearly stupidity and ignorance drove his comment, but it has made my blood boil every time I think about it since then. People need to know the truth, and it takes people like me and you and the rest of the DOC spreading our stories to hopefully shed some light on what this disease really is and what it really means and that it's NOT our fault.
Thank you for posting your side, K2. You're THE woman!

Kim said...

I love you.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I hate that.. i get crap all the time as well... i'm a type 2 insulin dependent since 2003, i'm still getting crap from the company that makes my insulin cause they can't believe i use as much as i do....

The DL said...

People are so stupid. It drives me crazy. If you are going to say such BS at least make sure you know what you're talking about. Thank you for posting!!

Cara said...

Obviously they just stumbled on your blog. Cause anyone who knows you would know better than to write a comment like that. It's a good thing they don't know you for real. That might have been painful for them.
I love that you stand up for people with diabetes & use your time to educate. You are an amazing person.

Jim said...

Some people just suck. I try, try, try to ignore and move on my merry way!

LifeWithType1 said...

Thank you, Kelly, for standing up for us and for yourself!

Penny said...

BITE ME was my most favorite part of this whole post.

Unknown said...

Bite me. Hahahahaha!

Word. Keep on doin you because I'm glad I "stumbled" across your blog.

Melissa said...

Way to go Kelly! Awesome response! You have a way of saying all the things I want to say to people like this.

Valerie said...

So infuriating! Thanks for getting our backs. :) Unfortunately, there will always be idiotic comments...but we can still try to enlighten people!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

If I were a mom of a T1D kiddo (oh, wait, I AM!!) I would totally bail you out of jail if you were arrested for kicking the crap out of any one of a number of ignorant people who just can't keep their mouths shut!
Love you!! ;)

Camille said...

If I were a kickboxer I know whos ass I would be kicking, if I were a bear I know on whos doorstep I would go take a crap, if I were a shoe lace I definitly know on whos shoes I would want to unty just to make sure they fall flat on their face...but since I'm just me, I'm gonna give you a big virtual hug!