Friday, September 16, 2011

National Invisible Illness Week: The Only Thing I Can't Do Because Of Diabetes Is Make Insulin...

SSeptember 12th through September 18th, 2011 is National Invisible Illness Week.

It's my second year in participating/ writing about my invisible illness and I'm glad to be a part of it.

I really encourage you to not only write about your invisible illness, but read about others living with an invisible illness, diabetes and otherwise.

Not only will you learn about the challenges others face - You also see the similarities that we all share (diabetes or not) as patients living with a chronic illness.

We are all in the same boat, and we have much to learn & teach each other.


My diabetes is invisible at first glance, but it’s with me 24X7, 365 days a year, and whether I like it or not - My diabetes and I are a team.

Like my own personality, there are moments when my diabetes is quiet and almost shy, and there are other times when it’s boisterous and downright loud.

Still there are those moments that diabetes can make laugh out loud or sob from frustration and fear.

Sometimes my diabetes appears in different forms, like when food on my plate suddenly appears as carb counts instead of.... well, actual food.

Diabetes forces me to think like McGyver in order to wear a dress, and become Einstein when it comes my Diabetes Theory of Relativity regarding pasta.

Diabetes has forced me to speak up, even during those moments where I’d like to keep to myself.

I live my life with diabetes because I don’t have a choice not too.

So if you have questions.... by all means, feel free to ask me.

But please consider what your going actually going to say and how those words might actually sound as they roll of your tongue.

Don’t tell me that my diabetes is the “bad kind,” or that my mother ate to much sugar when she was pregnant with me.

Don’t tell me what I can or cannot eat - Trust me, I know what meals work and what meals require work.

And don't tell me that "I don't look like I have diabetes."


And don’t think I can’t accomplish something because I have diabetes.

The only thing I CAN’T do is make insulin - Everything else is GAME ON.


Penny said...

Great post and every word is true!
And if we really wanted to, I mean, we COULD make some insulin, if we knew the formula and everything, just sayin'. :0)

kim said...

BRAVO!! absofrickenlutely true!

Rachael said...

nicely said! :)

Scully said...

NEWSFLASH:... Love it!

Cheryl said...

Have to steal the last it! <3

Cait said...

Wonderful !!