Friday, October 14, 2011

Thigh Infusion Set Sites & I Have A Love/Hate Relationship ~

I have a love hate relationship with thigh infusion sites and I have absolutely no problem admitting that fact to the masses.
On one hand, I love thigh infusion sites because they give my abdomen a break and helps me to prevent dead spots in the belly and don't really hurt too much to insert - Even on my skinny thighs.
And when I wear a skirt, thigh sites tend to be tangle free ( including the times I don't wear my pump garter) while at the same time keeping my tubing from being clamped between my pump clip or belt while simultaneously camouflaging said tubing and I appreciate that!
On the other hand, those thigh sites don't always work and the tubing almost always gets caught in my pants/jeans and belt. I have to be uber careful when going to the bathroom because I can't tell you how many times I've ripped out said infusion site when I was just about to sit on the porcelain throne.
And for some reason, after only a few days, my thigh site stop working and almost always end up getting all types kinky - And not in a "get your freak on," sense of the term ;)
Any my friend's daughter Cutie Pie, absolutely HATES when I were my infusion set on my thigh, because then she can't see my broken belly. Last night I had dinner with them and she said: Kelly, where's yoour broken belly medicine band-aid thing?
When I told her where it was and let her feel the set through my jeans, she told me: I don't like it there because I can't see it! Kel, take off your pants!
I didn't of course. Have I mentioned that she has a mind like a steel trap and is slightly bossy?
But I digress. Back to the subject of this post. I really appreciate the fact that I'm giving my stomach a much needed break and I'm a woman who loves options both in life, and my diabetes accoutrement's.

So, what are your thoughts/ experiences regarding thigh sites? Do you love them, hate them, or have you never even given them a second thought and yours truly is just being all types of silly?


Kim said...

I have many of the same issues - love the change of location, but sites don't last as long. And I am forever doing pump tubing yoga in the bathroom in order to not rip those sites out.


Abby said...

I love them for their effectiveness and hidden-ness but they always end up really hurting after a day and a half.

I think I'd prefer to just make my own insulin from now on :)

Stephie said...

i've been wanting to try a thigh site for a while now, but have been to chicken to try it. i'd like to give it a go on the next weekend site change. but i'll probably chicken out then too :/

Sarah/@smartDpants said...

Thigh sites and I also have the love/hate thing going on. I love them for so many of the same reasons you do: extra real estate, a break from the midsection, sometimes I get a great spot (it's totally random) that works really well for a long time (I use stainless steel), and it's a less obvious location. BUT. I've ripped so many of them out in the restroom, it's not funny. It's so annoying. So then I'm totally on point to try and remember and take care not to yank it, but good grief, it can be hard to keep it all together when I have to GO. >;) I love to have it as an option, though! Can't believe I only started using thigh sites in the last few years.

Mike Hoskins said...

Same here. Although, I almost feel like I'm walking on eggshells when I have thigh sites in - I tend to be more cautious about my movements and how I walk, get out of chairs, bend, etc. Because I feel like they're not as secure or stable or able to withstand the regular life activities as other places that might be more protected. It's probably more in my mind than anything. But they do end up hurting and not working in less time than other sites.

Penny said...

Grace rocks a good Pod on the thigh! Not her favorite spot, but she will tolerate it. She says it's hard to 'run like the wind' when she has a Pod on her thighs.
Which I totally believe. :0)

Camille said...

I use thigh site for CGM only. My son is 5 and rather skinny, so I keep his belly and butt for insulin site and arms and thigh for his CGM.

I was wondering if you use the inner or outter thigh!?


Melissa said...

My thighs used to be my fave site, but now they are my least fave. Once I switch from tummy to thigh my BGs get all jacked up and wonky instead of steady. But I keep going back to them for the same reason you do - to give the other spots on my body a break.

Sara said...

I have never been able to get thigh sites to work for either my pump or my CGM. The pump site refuse to deliver insulin and the CGM site was the only time I had a sensor break on me.

I keep trying and listening to people's advice on insertion, but it just doesn't work!

The Diabetic Camper said...

What is this thigh site you all speak of? Sometimes I feel like I am in the dark

NeurosurgeryNP said...

I tend to save my thigh sites for my CGM sensors. I occasionally use them for infusion sites, but like you, I have to be really careful using the restroom, as I have been know to pull sites out.

victoria said...

Thigh sites are my fave! I wear my pump and CGM there whenever possible. I have more trouble with abdomen sites. But, I haven't yet tried the arm thing.