Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life Lessons I've Been Reminded Of As Of Late.....

1. Growing up is hard no matter how old you are.

2. Boluses aren't 100% spot on 100% of the time.

3. Christmas is so very different this year, but Christmas lights still make me smile.

4. Extra insulin in my fridge makes me feel safe.

5. Not all adults act like adults - This can be both a good and a bad thing.

6. I really need to eat more veggies because I’ve slacked off as of late. Which is so weird because I actually like veggies.

7. The whole “It will make you a stronger person in the end and shows what a strong character you have,” thing is indeed true, but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

8. Work is a great distraction and I need more of it.

9. Catching up is never ending.

10. Diabetes does not = being overweight, so enough with the Weight Loss Cookbook PR Pitches already! You’re really pissing me off and these pitches are starting to give me a complex: #doesthisPRPitchmakemelookfat

11. Insurance companies need to stop with the price hikes.

12. Congress needs to get their shit together, like yesterday!

13. Infusion set sites work better on my right leg then on my left leg. Go figure?

14. Goodbyes are forever.

15. My mom was right, sparkle & a little sequins do go with everything!


Moira said...

16. I just love your blog. I hope we meet in person some day. And for some reason, I've been thinking of you this holiday season. Sending happy thoughts and hoping good memories sustain you.
17. #thatsanawesomeshashtagyouputthere

Kelly said...

I'll be thinking of you this xmas! Definetly not the same this year but I hope you still feel smiles and warmth in your heart knowing your Mom is ALWAYS with you. ((HUGS))

Girl Schmuck said...

Love and peace are sent your way

Not sure what a bolus is.
Not sure what infusion site means other than something to do with infusion.

Totally agree that being diabetic does not equal over weight status.

Hope you find some veggies hiding in your freezer. Wish I could send you some fresh ones from here in Florida.

And your mom was very right about sparkle and sequins.

Amy in Florida

Steph said...

Good bye's are forever...the universal truth no one really knows how to wrap their mind around...

Last year everyone told me that firsts are the worst...they said things like "you're mom is always with you" or "she's in heaven watching you" or any number of things close to that...I'm not sure what you're beliefs are, but...I didn't feel her with me, or see her with me and as much as I miss her...I don't know that I like the idea of her watching me all the time...
As well intentioned as those things were and as much as I appreciated the support...the best advice I got was this: cry, feel overwhelmed when you need to, talk about it, don't run from how you feel, and celebrate in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable...if you want to skip some traditions this year, its okay, if you want to do everything just like you would have last year, thats okay too...Just take care of yourself.
Take care of probably won't help you right now, but I think they were right, the first is the worst. This Christmas has been tough but...not like last year.
Thinking about you :)

Unknown said...

No, it certainly won't be the same. But we'll get through it. ((HUGS))

Mike said...

The last one is my favorite!! Good post, Kelly!

Sarah/@smartdpants said...

you rock. your mom was right. you are a sparkle, a sequin, and the smell of freshly-baked cupcakes. thanks for all that you are, and all that you do, for the DOC. and whatever you choose to do, or not do, for the holidays, I'm glad you have insulin in the fridge to feel safe. (I feel the same way!!)

Unknown said...

Oh sweet friend. Thinking of you this season, and on the road ahead.

Growing up really isn't easy...I'd love to hang out and chat over some grilled veggies sometime ;)

I need to eat more of those too.

Mike Hoskins said...

Awesome post, Kelly. Your blog is like Christmas lights, because it made me smile. Thanks for that.