Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diabetes Alert Day - And Providing The Media With A Valuable Tool To Get Diabetes Right!

Today is Diabetes Alert Day - A chance for Americans to be on the alert for signs of Diabetes in their own lives and learn to differentiate between the diabetes myths & the realities for those living with diabetes.

Diabetes Alert Day is also a HUGE opportunity for the Media to finally stop perpetuating diabetes myths and stereotypes to the public at large and start perpetuating diabetes realities!

And the Diabetes Advocates (which I am a member of,) are helping to do just that!

How are we they doing that? By offering both an informative Press Release and making ourselves available to answer any questions the media has regarding diabetes.
According to the Diabetes Advocates PR and those of us living the diabetes know all too well: "Media outlets are reporting on diabetes more than ever, the condition is still widely misrepresented and portrayed as only one disease, when in actuality, diabetes is made up of several different diseases (type 1, type 1.5 LADA, and type 2 being the most predominantly confused). By emailing the organization at media@diabetesadvocates.org, reporters can quickly fact check, get suggestions and have a real-time conversation with the Diabetes Advocates to ensure the accuracy of their articles. The Diabetes Advocates can also serve as sources for reporters."

The public relies on the media (both on-line and off) for our source of information about pretty much EVERYTHING.

Unfortunately, the media more often than not, gets the diabetes facts wrong.
Now, The Diabetes Advocates has provided members of the media with a place to go to get Diabetes right -And here's hoping they use this valuable tool to get the all diabetes facts before they run with a story!

If you're in the Media and questions regarding diabetes, send your emails to: media@diabetesadvocates.org

We want you to get the diabetes facts right - Our lives and the lives of millions of others depend on it!


Rob said...

Here, here! Nicely done, Kelly. It is amazing to me how many times I see news stories, particularly from health publications, that fail to distinguish the different types of diabetes.
Keep up the good work - and the good fight.

The Diabetic Camper said...

How did you find out it was diabetes alert day? Is there a calendar with all these dates on it?

Mike Hoskins said...

Thanks for the post, Kelly. And how do I even express the pride of calling you a friend and fellow advocate, in everything you do on trying to keep media accountable. This DA release and your work is priceless, and I'm looking forward to educating my colleagues in the news and "media" industry in whatever way as possible.

Katie said...

It's so great to hear about the work you're doing with Diabetes Advocates. I love your first quote in the press release. Well said!

shannon said...

rock on! thank you for your advocacy!