Monday, March 26, 2012

Infusion Set/Site Reality

In theory, those of us with insulin pumps are supposed to change our insulin pump infusion site every two or three days, but the Infusion Set reality is -That's not always the case for me.
Some days my pump tubing's ungodly, unholy and unnatural attraction to doorknobs and other snagable areas has me changing it several times a day. And god forbid I wear my infusion set on my thigh and then decide to wear yoga pants. Seriously, no good can come of it!
Other times, unknown dead spots (areas on the body that no longer absorb insulin) decide to reveal themselves a few hours after I've jabbed myself with a new infusion set and the site has to be changed.
And on occasion, the phenomenon known as "Infusion Set Nirvana," (an infusion set absorbing so damn perfectly that we hesitate to change it after three days,) occurs and we make it last for 5.
All of the above means (at least in my case,) that I seem to always end up with a pile of extra pump tubing around because I keep opening up sets for a new infusion set and leave the tubing.
I try and use the pumping from the set previously opened for the new infusion site the next I need to load and lock my pump with an new insulin reservoir. "TRY" being the operative word because while I try to use the tubing next time around, it doesn't always happen!
So my questions to you are:

1. Does the above happen to you and if so, how do you handle it regarding all the spare tubing & the likes there of?


NeurosurgeryNP said...

I tend to throw out the extra tubing as I change the set. I work in the healthcare field, and like things to be sterile when I use them and tubing that is sitting around may not be so sterile in my eyes. It is very rare that I would need extra tubing - I would usually need just the site, so I don't want to start hoarding the tubing too.

StephenS said...

Kelly, I rarely have to change a site early, so I'm very lucky. When I do, I change everything out except the reservoir.

However, I have been known to keep my sets in almost always past three days. My last one made it almost six. I've had them last as long as seven. Usually after five days, it gets a little uncomfortable, but so far I can handle it. I'm just worried about running out of sites, so I figure more days with each set means less jabs in the stomach, back, leg, etc. Thanks for asking.

Jamie Naessens said...

When I used the Sils back in the day, you could order them with and without tubing... after a time of ordering with tubing, I would hoard some tubing, then I'd order the Sils without tubing. It was a win win for me.

Jackie said...

I have bags of tubing packs [I use Animas, so they're separate] that take up quite a lot of space in the bathroom... Rather annoying.

Unknown said...

This is one of the biggest problems I have - extra tubing. I have written letters to ask the makers to make extra boxes of sites only, but of course, I guess it didn't work. Maybe if we get enough people behind it? Would be awesome to be able to order for this kind of situation.

Sara said...

SOOOOO much extra tubing!!! :P

Holly said...

I just throw them away. They bug me-all our supplies have a "home"..and those just take up space!

I just hate to waste them..but if I get a bad site/my daughter flinches/it pulls out..I just want another site, no tubing. Don't let it stress you. : )
If you think of some fun, arty use..let us know! ; )

Lynnette said...

I keep a couple with the idea that I'll have a backup when I get one of those with multiple "bites" from the plastic case that fool my old-ish eyes into thinking they're air bubbles. Beyond that, though, I just toss it.

shannon said...

we hang on to them for those increasingly frequent times the kid runs out of insulin before the 3 days is up. she's on a mm 522 and her pre-teen growth is causing her to use more insulin than previously.