Friday, March 23, 2012

Things Learned

Me, 2nd grade school pic - After a lunchtime kickball game that went into Sudden Death.
I really was cutie pie!

Things I've learned during this move - The majority of which is done, and will be completed in its entirely by Sunday.

NEVER store things like clothes, books, furniture etc., in your garage long term in cardboard boxes because:
1. You will totally forget about them
2. No matter how well you seal them up - the elements WILL get though & the musty smell is hard to get rid of.
3. The mildew on fabric pretty much ruins it.

Cleaning out your parents house and packing up your crap 14 hours a day leads to lots of lows - And a nasty sinus infection because of the all the freaking dust, lack of sleep and stress.

A large bottle of Orange Juice in the fridge in your new place is A MUST.

Spare pump batteries are in every drawer & handbag you own - And it's really time consuming to find out if they still work or not. REALLY TIME CONSUMING.

Even when you think you can't find anymore spare diabetes supplies floating around - You do!

Caffeine in massive doses is KEY.

You find pictures taken of you as a kid that you forgot all about - And you are reminded of how wonderfully cute you really were. So why the hell didn't you see that - especially in middle school & high school?

Whether it's good or bad, things change - And that's life.

You find strength in letters and notes from your parents that you tucked away for safe keeping long ago, and that come to light just when you need them most~

6 months goes by like THAT - Yet you still cry like it just happened. But you are your mother's daughter, so you will survive it - And make her proud~


Amy@Diapeepees said...

I love that pic of you. Love it. And it's so true what you say. When you're little, you always think you're homely...then you grow up and you fall in love with your little self.

Scott S said...

I disagree on the OJ; personally, for me, Apple is the only juice I'm willing to drink. OJ reminds me of cat urine and I refuse to drink it under any circumstances! As for your mother, I suspect it will never be easy to get over it; some things are like holes that aren't easily filled with something else. I think we learn to deal with it an move on, but it's not a matter of getting over it, its learning to deal with reality as it is now. Anyway, I hope the moving isn't too stressful!

Jess said...

first of all, you were ADORABLE!!!

i'm sorry that things are so difficult right now. i can't even imagine how you must be feeling, and dealing with moving on top of it.

remember that you are loved. <3

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

so glad you are finding little treasures along with the random supplies!
love finding things that remind me of my dad every time I go home :)

Kelly said...

We moved in September, and it IS amazing what you learn from the experience! I think all I needed at the time was basal insulin, no bolus needed cuz I was so darn busy for soooo many days! Push this, move this, carry this, package that....UGH. Gatorade and temp basals over night were my BFF's!! I hope you settle SOON :)

My Dad passed over two years ago after horrid issues. The whole thing was a disgusting mess...the 6month mark for some reason was the HARDEST for me..I think it takes awhile for reality to REALLY set in. I think Fathers Day made me loose my marbles :( You have had so much to handle so fast, but Im sure soon you will be able to relax and let both good and sad emotions flow...a good cry cleanses the soul! ((HUGS))