Friday, March 2, 2012

Moretic, Moron Diabetic/PWD, WHATEVER. I Have A Major Case Of The Diabetes Stupids

4 times in 24 hours - And I think it might very well be a record in the adult category.

What am I talking about?? Changing my insulin pump infusion set, that's what!

The first time was early yesterday afternoon when I realized that my infusion set of three days wasn't absorbing the way it should be. That happens every now and then, so it was really no big deal. I changed it and continued on.
The second time happened late yesterday afternoon when I was running out the door and said infusion set looped around a doorknob and ripped out! Again, that's happened before and I went about the business of fixing my mishap
The third time was my really my fault, in my haste to put in a new infusion set and get on with my day, the sticky sticker part of the infusion set somehow folded over so that there was a hugeunsticky part (are you following me? ) that I knew would never stay stuck, so I had to start AGAIN.

Wait a second, that's the third and fourth time right there. HOLY GUACAMOLE, that means that 5 minutes ago when I got up from my desk and my tubing became tangled in my chair's armrest was actually the 5th time in 24 hours that I had to change my infusion set.
OK, it's official! just call me Molly Moretic The Moron Diabetic , or MORON, OR moron pwd/Diabetic WHATEVER. I'm having a MAJOR case of the Diabetes Stupids! And I feel terribly uncoordinated and extremely dumb right now.

Just tell me I'm not the only one whose ever had The Diabetes Stupids, PLEASE. With copious amounts of carbs on top!


Abby said...

hahaha oh taht's funny, in an unfortunate sort of way. I have minor cases, where I check my sugar 3 times in a row forgetting to look at what it was and forgetting that i actually just did it. Stupid. :)

Unknown said...

Not been there with the pump yet, seeing as though am on mdi still.

But testing, walking away and coming back to test like Abby.

Injecting long acting instead of short and vice versa.

Trying put test strips into fone is a favorite at the moment. Can never understand why it won't work! hehehe :)

Mike Hoskins said...

You've officially gotten more than I have... three is the max I've done to date, in my 11 years of pumping. Of course, my 3rd time was my own fault and I decided just to give up at that point - went on MDI for a day until re-connecting. Oh well. Hope you get extra good results and use from the set that ends up working!

Marie Smith said...

Let's see... Dialing up and injecting the wrong insulin. That's my biggest moment of stupidity. I almost shot up 29 units of Novolog instead of 29 units of Levemir. I caught the mistake after shooting 10 units. Felt like Homer Simpson. DOH!

Like Abby and Mike I have tested and forgotten to look at the result.

I have also pricked my finger before putting a strip in the meter. Bleeding all over, trying to get a strip in the meter. I do this all the time.

Yep, count me in the stupid club.

Jennifer said...

I think that is why I love my OmniPod; of course, I have hit the pod when wearing it on my arm on a door jamb and ripped it off...OUCH!! No system is fail (or fool!) safe! And I second Mike who has tried to enter my test strip into my iPhone. Wouldn't it be nice?