Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Fasting Curse

IT. NEVER. FAILS. Every single time I fast for my blood work, something ridiculously annoying happens. 
Like I get hungry or go low right after midnight, (when my fast officially begins) or my blood sugar is high before I go to bed and is still magically is in the 200s when I wake up. 
Now the past month or so, I've been running lows in the middle of the night and when I get up in the morning. Except of course for the past three days, when I've tried like gangbusters to get my ass over to have my fasting blood work drawn before work. 
But now magically (and ever so freaking annoyingly) I've been running high the past three days before bed and when I wake up. 
Here's the thing, I don't like getting my bloodwork drawn when my numbers are off. 
I'm afraid I'll be judged by the powers that be - not to mention myself. 
It's this weird Kellyism I have regarding my diabetes. It's like I think if I get my blood work drawn after waking up high, something bad will happen with my labs.
Of course, no matter what, I had to go get my blood siphoned this morning and pee in a cup because I have an Endo appointment next week - so regardless of my a.m. numbers - I had to go. 
Speaking of "going," did I mention that I peed like a racehorse when I first got up this morning? Seriously, I couldn't stop going -Which makes perfect sense, because my blood sugar was high. But damn if it didn't take me five, maybe six minutes of shear concentration (and incredible balance on my part,) squatting with a plastic cup and the sink tap running at full blast in the restroom before I could pee on demand for my labs 40 minutes later - Even after sucking down 30 ounces of water before I arrived. 
It's like I'm cursed when it comes to fasting lab work. 
And maybe I am.... Or maybe fasting for lab work makes me more mental than normal. 

Either way,it's aggravating! 


Lynnette said...

I get it. I always feel guilty if my bG is out of range at the time of my endo appt because they always do a fingerstick A1c. Even though I *know* it's the average of three months, not the current level.

And a cup is a stupid shape for us ladies for that task. :/

Kelly said...

Haha, same here! Maybe it's a Kelly thing :)

I did fasting labs on Wednesday too, and what-do-you know? My sugar was magically high too! My first thought was "shit, they will think I'm a bad diabetic!" Stoopid Diabetes anyway!

Sara said...

I was trying to get into a research study a few weeks ago and spent 4 hours at a lab.

There was a dude there who spent 2.5 hours waiting to pee. I lost count of the number of glasses of water he drank. I was amazed!