Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yeah, I Am Talking To My Diabetes Out Loud - SO WHAT.

Having Diabetes makes me talk to myself. Seriously. I'm always talking to myself about diabetes, and I'm always answering myself too. Which either makes me certifiably nuts - or certifiably normal, depending on who you ask. 
There are moments when I find myself saying: SMOOTH MOVE, DIABETES, or  find myself uttering phrases to or about diabetes.  
Phrases like, but not limited to the following:
Diabetes what's with the blood sugar? Maybe I hit a dead spot? God I hope it's not a dead spot, I need another dead spot like I need a hole in my head!
Where's my meter??  Oh, here it is, at the bottom of my handbag instead of in my diabetes bag that I keep in my handbag! 
I should probably change my lancet right about now. Nah, next time.
Diabetes, what's with the bitch fit? 
Really diabetes, you pick the middle of my friends wedding ceremony to decide it's time to change the pump battery? And could your freaking alarm be any louder? And how come I manage to sleep through your Battery Alarm in the middle of the night without hearing it, but every single person in the church is looking at us right now? Sidebar: This gem of a conversation occurred in my head, not out loud. My pump alarm was loud enough, thankyouverymuch! 
Now you decide to throw down a low blood sugar, at 10:30 at night, just when I'm exhausted and all ready to go to bed? WTF diabetes??
Other times, like when I'm running late and finally hop in my car and start driving and suddenly wonder out loud: Shit, am I wearing my pump???
For the record, most times the answer is YES, accept of course when the answer is: HOLY SHIT, I FORGOT MY INSULIN PUMP!
There are other times when I have to stop and remind myself to thank diabetes out loud for playing nice, even during the times when my diabetes is on the behavioral cusp
Like when I had a nasty stomach bug that was going around and my numbers stayed normal, or last Thanksgiving when I ate like a champion and my blood sugar didn't go above 190. Even after Pumpkin Pie after a serving of Potatoes Au-gratin. 
Other times, I have to all medieval and remind the Diabetes who's in charge!

Yeah, I do talk to my diabetes out loud sometimes, SO WHAT. 
I have a feeling I'm not the only one. SO, do you ever converse with your diabetes out loud? And if so, what do you say?


Robin said...

Great post! I tell my daughters diabets to "be good", "play nice", and "behave" all the time. LOL

Lisa said...

Your post really struck me. Often I get down on myself when my sugar isn't right where it should be. Your post has inspired me to get down on the diabetes instead. To make it something outside of myself. Thanks for the super helpful (super funny!) post!

Colleen said...

Yes, I talk to my diabetes. Sometimes I'm nice and sometimes I'm not so nice.
D-blog reading has taught me that it's not always my fault!

Sally Marchini said...

I absolutely do that! I've had type 1 for 34 years, just graduated as a dietitian so I can help others. I think the key thing for us is to know that these things happen to us all, and sometimes we'll never know what causes stuff to happen. Just a case of 'do your best and learn as much as you can to minimise issues'. There's certainly plenty of learning out there to do. Good on you for your blog too!

Kelly said...

I think what I say most is *WTF!!!??*

Mike Hoskins said...

Usually, I find myself cursing like a pirate at my D. I've been known to also proclaim "WTF" or tell my D to calm down. Then there's my CGM and pump, which I regularly yell at to leave me alone.

kim said...

ALL.THE.TIME!!! i probably talk to my Diabetes more than i talk to my husband. of course it is with me 24/7 so that could be part of the reason. lots of WTF?!'s, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??, NOW? SERIOUSLY? NOW?, and OMG!!!

as far as i'm concerned this is just normal behaviour on my part! LOL!

Ale said...

wtf is also my favorite. The best part is when im in a toilet or in front of a mirror at a public bathroom and i see an uncomfortable number and i start swearing it :)) the looks on other people's faces....priceless :D