Monday, May 14, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week: Find A Friend(s)

Today is the first day of the third annual Diabetes Blog Week, which was created by Karen over at Bitter-Sweet and it's pretty damn awesome!  BTW, you can still sign up for Diabetes Blog Week - THE MORE THE MERRIER!
Today's topic is "Find A Friend" - and it's all about a friend you've found thanks to the Diabetes On-Line Community. Seems simple enough at first glance, but picking just one friend DOC is a REALLY hard thing to do, because the DOC has connected me (and by ME I mean US) with so many friends that I can't keep count! Some of the friends I've been lucky enough to meet in real life, and the rest I'm looking forward to meeting in real life!
So I'm going to pick a three. becuase according to School House Rock, "3 is a magic number", and  because I can't pick one. Quite frankly and as long I'm being all types of honest,  it's damn hard to pick just three let alone one!
Ok, here it goes.

Scully over at Canadian D Gal makes me laugh and encourages me to embrace my inner athlete without making me feel like a wimp. Seriously, when I read of Scully's athletical achievements, not only am I thoroughly impressed, but I actually find myself getting my workout on more and contemplate cycling.
BTW, she recently completed her first marathon which is all sorts of impressive! I've meet Scully in real life and she's what we in Jersey call: Good People. So do yourself a favor and go read her blog - LIKE NOW.
Ellen Ullman doesn't have a dblog, but she should! Ellen is a parent of a type 1 son and many of you know her from her twitter handle: @curet1diabetes. Ellen's tweets, facebook statuses and emails sometimes make me laugh and sometimes make me cry, but they always make me learn! I've yet to meet Ellen in real life, but I cannot wait until that day!!
Finally, Ellen is a tremendous Diabetes Advocate for all people living with diabetes  - and regardless of the type! So do yourself a major favor and follow her on the twitter!
And lastly, (but certainly not least) is Rachel over at Tales of Rachel. Rachel is a type 2 and I consider her my friend. Rachel has taught me about living with type 2 and all that goes with it. Rachel also has a sense of humor that's funny and subtle all at the same time. Sometimes I'm  like: Did Rachel  really just mean to imply what I think she did? And 9 times out of 10 the answer is YES. And when the answer is no - It's even funnier!
 Rachel is also honest about every aspect of her life, including the good, the bad the diabetesalicious, & not so diabetesalicious of it all. I've met Rachel in real life and look forward to meeting up with her again!
Expand your diabetes horizons and checkout her blog, ASAP.
Ands finally to the hundreds of DOC friends I didn't mention in this Find A Friend post: YOU GUYS ROCK.
Every day I learn, learn to carry on, and share/shed tears of laughter, joy and sadness with you and because of what you share with me.
Bottom line: You guys make me better a bitter Chick - And I'm not just talking in the faulty pancreas department!


Scully said...

Awwwww.... Kelly.. you're way too sweet! I'm overly excited that you wrote about me. I'm even more excited to think that I might inspire someone!
You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

xoxo - THANK YOU.


Sara said...


I already follow all your friends!

You have great friends! :)