Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Great Thing: #Dblogweek Day 2

Day 2 of Diabetes Blog Week is all about 1 great thing you do regarding your diabetes life. 
I considered writing about how spot on I am when it comes to eye balling cupcake circumference to its carb count equivalent, or how I can talk to a wrong number regarding diabetes. 
But I went with the following because there was a time in my diabetes youth that  I wasn't so great at it - And damn if I haven't come a long way baby! 

OK, this is as basic as life with diabetes gets, but one of the things I’m really good at re: living my diabetes life is testing my blood sugar, both on the down low and the in your face versions of blood sugar testing. 
Seriously, I test like mother fuck*r  and I don’t care where I am or who I’m with.
I’ve tested my blood sugar on the down low in work meetings, first date dinners, funerals and during plays and the people I was with were none the wiser for it.
And on the flip side, I’ve literally busted out my meter at the dinner table, at work and on the beach and didn’t care who was around.
I test and I test a lot. I fight for my insurance company to cover my 10 to 12 test strips a day because it’s my life and my life depends on me testing. 

I don’t make excuses for having to test - EVER. I just do it. And if people have questions they can ask -and they do - And I’m OK with that, and answer them directly and with a smile.  
Here’s the thing: Testing my blood sugar gives me comfort  (It's like my security blanket,) and testing my blood sugar provides me with a map when I’m feeling lost regarding my diabetes. 
And I try REALLY hard to not to get mad at the number on the screen. 
Instead, I view it as my Diabetes GPS, my life’s garmin so to speak - Telling me where I am and which direction I need to go in.  
If truth be told, I wasn’t always such a testing fiend. In college I could have done much better with my testing. I didn’t like to test - Quite frankly, I SUCKED AT TESTING. 
I didn’t feel the need - I thought it was stupid and viewed it as an anchor around my neck. But I was wrong and I wised up.   And I consider myself a very lucky duck, indeed.

I can’t change what I did or didn’t do then, I can only change my future. 
And in order to have a great future and a pretty fantastical present, I have to test. 
OF course unlike others that we know and love, I 'm not so great about changing my lancet. 
And  thanks to testing, I’ll never be a hand model - But after viewing this video, I’m sure you'll understand why I'm more than OK with that!


elizabeth said...

I test with wild abandon, too - great post!

Anonymous said...

So simple, and so important, yet so many of us ignore the numbers or just don't test at all. I love all that you said here, but the creepy hand model stole all your thunder. Did you see the far-away look in her eyes? TERRIFYING.

Katie said...

Haha, that hand model is incredibly creepy! Great post!

Anonymous said...

I love testing infront of a group and they just stare at each other like "Uhhhhhhhh". I'm laughing inside, I'm sure you've had many of these moments.

Jason in Orlando

~Shannon said...

Fantastic post! (And she is VERY CREEPY!!)

Scully said...

I made the mistake of watching that video out of pure boredom. WHAT a weirdo!!!!

I think testing and being diligent about it is not an easy thing for a lot of us so KUDOS to your "good thing"

Anonymous said...

I have come a long way with testing too. I used to not do it in front of anyone but now I don't care where I am.

Liz said...

I watched the video too, had a good laugh. I am sure I didn't miss my calling!!! LOL

shannon said...

AHAHHA OMG THAT MODEL WAS THE CREEPIEST. reminds me of that seinfeld episode where george wore the oven mitts.

props to you on your stealth testing skills, my kid has those as well and i am always super impressed.

at the first school meeting this year, one of her teachers told me L had never had to test in class so far, which was not true, since L actually had a low in that class and tested and gave herself skittles without the teacher even noticing. what!

Meri said...

You are fantastical at A LOT of things...but from your blogging I know that testing is one of your most fantastical-est. I'm glad you do!

Colleen said...

I have one staff member at work who can't deal with blood, so I give him fair warning. Other than that, because of you and the DOC, I test lots, anywhere and everywhere.

Mike Hoskins said...

Great post, K2! I'm the same way and test wherever I need to, though when out in public doing "professional things" like being in court or something I'm more discreet. But always up for the chance to advocate a little via a blood meter, and have loved doing that - even taught one of our state's Supreme Court justices a couple things about my blood meter and D-Life one time! Good times. Thanks for writing this, and being awesome at this thing!

Unknown said...

I have a new found respect for hand models. I can do that. I am also going to start wearing gloves at the beach because I feel guilty about mistreating them for all these years. great segue into a creepy vid.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, you rock!! I need to brush up on my testing - I don't test near enough as I should, and I love reading stories like yours of how it can be done. :)Thank you!