Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#DBlogWeek Day Three: One Thing I Need To Do Better Regarding "The Diabetes."

Day 3 of Diabetes Blog Week (#dblogweek on the twitter) is all about one area regarding "the diabetes" that I  need improvement in. 
ONE THING that needs improvement. SERIOUSLY? 
I need improvement in many areas of my life, both diabetes and non diabetes related so picking one area of improvement is damn near impossible. 
So here’s a smattering in list form of just a few of the many diabetes areas that need improvement in my life!

SIDEBAR: This list could have gone on well in to the middle of sometime next week - But I stopped at 6 because.... Well, just because it was an even number. 
1.  Exercise:  It’s not that I don’t like physical activity, because I do - And I feel really good when I do it. But the consistency thing regarding exercise is lacking in a  major way! Exercise wasn’t always an issue with me - I used to walk between 10 and 20 miles a week - I LOVED WALKING. If truth be told, I was a Walking Queen.
SIDEBAR: I’m also a Dancing Queen, but that’s for another post. 
Back to the post.  6 years ago, I tore the ligaments in my toe and suffered a few rounds of  metatarsalgia and morton’s neuroma which required cortisone shots. My high arches didn’t help matters (though I'm told they make for pretty looking feet,)  and it seemed as if every time I got back into high impact aerobics, one of the above mentioned would rear it’s ugly head. 
I've  actually become afraid of the metatarsalgia and morton’s neuroma  “what ifs,” and that shit just has  gotta stop, NOW because not only does my body miss being in top shape, but my head misses the the clarity that working out gives me. I need to get back into it and I’ve actually started taking  walks again - Not daily and not the 6 mile walks I used to take in the blink of an eye....YET, but I’m working on it. 
I also need to get the tires in my bike inflated because biking is a lower impact exercise that burns mucho calories and leaves the abdominal, butt and legs looking SMASHTASTIC. Again - WORKING ON IT. 
2.  Carb Count for Pasta: For the life of me, I can’t get the carb ratio right for pasta in any shape or form and no matter how hard I try. I’ve actually written Pasta a Dear John letter and  I’ve just about given up on pasta as an actual meal and have serious doubts regarding pasta as a side dish. 
3.  Basal Testing: Basal testing is probably right up there with enemas and root canals on my list of things I dislike intensely.
Here’s the thing, I totally psyche myself when it comes to basal testing. And I’m not really sure why. I was terrible at taking math tests when I was in school. I’d study for days and days for my Algebra , and I'd know the material before I went into the class room to take the test. But the minute I put pencil to paper my mind would totally go blank.  

Anyway.... For some reason midway between basal testing I tend to go to high or to low and then I have to stop the basal test and start again the next day. SIGH. 
4.  Changing my lancet: While I’m excellent blood sugar tester (I’m also an excellent dancer, hence the whole Dancing Queen moniker, but like I said, that’s for another post,) I suck majorly when it comes to changing my lancet, and i’m not really sure why. 
I’ve gotten better, but I’m not great. But I did just receive the Multi Click in the mail last week though, so hopefully improvements in that area will be forthcoming - And I’ll keep you posted!
5.  Over treating lows:  Sometimes when my lips are tingling, my body is shaking and I literally feel that my knees might go out from under me, the whole 15 grams of carbs to treat a low theory goes out the window. I try and stay calm and suck down the child size juice boxes in one gulp - but I’ll admit to following the juice-boxes with spoon Nutella or copious amounts of cream cheese and crackers. When your low your not only really hungry, your also really scared and the only thing you want is for your blood sugar to go up. For some lows, the 15 grams of carb theory is an easy fix, but for other lows - NOT SO MUCH. 
6.  Doorknobs:  I know they exist and literally in every hall and around every corner. But no matter how hard I try to avoid my pump’s tubing becoming ensconced around a doorknob - Eventually and like magnet to steel, they inexplicably become one! No matter how hard I try to get out - they keep pulling me back in! 
But no matter how long or short our list is regarding what we need to do better when it comes to living our lives with diabetes - We have have a sure fire way of dealing with any diabetes frustration and diabetes kinks that comes our way. 
We have each other to help us through  the good the bad and the diabetesalicious of it all - And that my friends is a wonderful thing!  


mocha said...

I totally do the Nutella low thing, especially with those scary lows. And then my S.O. wonders why half the jar is gone the next morning. "It saved my life last night, but I wanted to be super sure I was not dead" apparently makes people roll their eyes.

Great list, and you can do it!

mocha said...
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Lynnette said...

Pretty sure we're all anxious for that Dancing Queen post! :) Good luck getting back into cycling; sounds like you really like it. Sorry to hear about the foot injuries; it stinks, this being afraid to trigger health problems by doing something that's supposed to be good for us. Ditto on "you can do it!"

Nicole said...

Carb count for pasta, you had me talking to you...YES, UGH I can't get carb count for pasta right either...did you hear me? It's a computer NOT a phone...but I'm right there with you!

Colleen said...

I'll never forget my nutrition class and the plastic food. The teeny, tiny, miniscule portion of spaghetti almost made me cry.

Mike Hoskins said...

You've got it, Kelly - we have each other to lean on for support! That's fantastical, indeed! I'm with you on needing to learn not to overtreat Lows, and also on getting my butt in gear on the exercise front. I had some foot trouble a few years ago and even after some physical therapy, never healed correctly... and so now I'm hesitate to fully embrace exercise as I had. Need to get the tires inflated, too. That sounds like a great place to start! Thanks for motivating me on that end.