Monday, July 16, 2012

Don't Assume, PERIOD. Especially When It Comes To Diabetes~

You know the old saying: Don't assume, because when you "assume," you're making an Ass out of U and Me.
And quite frankly, while I have a spectacular ass - It doesn't mean I want to categorized as an Ass. I am much more than the sum of my parts  - No matter how spectacular, or whether they work or not~

So don't assume, PERIOD.
Assume and Assumptions are dirty words in my book - And not the 'good, sexy get to know you" kind of dirty words either - Especially when it comes to diabetes.
Don't assume because my pancreas is busted that I'm sicker or less healthy than you.
Don't treat me like a delicate flower and don't look at me all uncomfortable and like you're having wicked gas cramps when you stumble upon the fact that I have diabetes.
I have diabetes, not you - So why the hell do you look like your trying to pass boulders from your nether regions when you find out?  You asked, I answered honestly, get over it.
Diabetes is a life sentence - Not a death sentence - And I'm living my life and reaching for the gold rings!
And don't tell me that I don't look like I have diabetes. I got news for you- THIS is what diabetes looks like.
Diabetes is not a cookie cutter disease and those of us living with diabetes come in all shapes and sizes - And most of us are smoking hot if I do say so myself!

And don't make the assumption that just because you don't have diabetes that you're healthier than me.
When's the last time you had your labs done or went to see your Dr.?
When's the last time you calculated the carbs on your plate and made yourself exercise because you knew that you had to??
Yeah, I thought so.
And don't chalk up me having a bad day to me having diabetes issues, either.
Sometimes bad days happen and it has nothing to do with diabetes.
Sometimes life gets in the way or work sucks or I realize until it's to late that I picked the wrong route to go to work and I end up in shitty traffic and end up running late for an already jam-packed day at work. Seriously, wouldn't you be less than pleasant?
And yes, some days diabetes does throw a wrench in my day, but I deal with it because I don't have a choice not to - I have to pull myself up by my bootstraps - I don't have the luxury not to.
Speaking of diabetes, don't assume that my mom ate too much sugar while she was pregnant with me or that I ate too many bowls of Fruit Loops as a child, or that if I consumed massive amounts of Cinnamon and gave up all things white, diabetes would be flushed from my system in a month. Not only are those diabetes myths that are deceptive and incredibly untrue, they are lies, and hurtful ones at that.
If you have questions regarding my diabetes, all you have to do is ask - And 9 times out of 10, I'll answer you from the heart and honestly.
And as for as that 10th time is concerned, the question you're most likely asking is no ones business, diabetes or not - And not something you'd usually ask a complete stranger.
And if you're a guy - I might ask you what your sperm count is - Just saying.
Bottom line, I don't know if I can have kids because I haven't tried to get pregnant.
I'm still looking for a Baby Daddy - or least someone to practice with!
So yeah, I'm going to have to get back to you on that one.
But the fact is, having diabetes does not mean that you can't have children - I know many mommies with diabetes (too many to link to in this post) who are awesome moms who had good pregnancies and healthy cutiedeliciousbabies!

Here's the thing: I don't have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to diabetes - So go ahead and ask away!
But please don't assume that you already know the answer, because there's more than a very good chance that you really don't, because you don't know the diabetes facts. 
But it's a Diabetes Jackpot day for you on all types of levels, because  I WILL help you get them ~


Mike said...

So well said!

In my experience, questions have never offended me. Even the most ridiculous ill-informed questions don't bug because it shows that the person wants to confirm something he heard or thought he heard.

Someone saying, "Is it true that all of you have to have your feet amputated when you're old?" doesn't bother me because I have the chance to educate...opposed to someone just telling me bad info. "My aunt had diabetes but ate a lot of fruit and now she's cured."

Meri said...


Rachel said...

Love it. I can relate to everything you wrote about 150%. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Lili said...

Totally! People assume all the time that I'm disabled because of diabetes. Then sometimes when I explain that I've only had diabetes seven years but I've had this nerve disorder since birth, they look at me like I'm stupid and say that obviously my diabetes was only diagnosed then but I've had it since birth. Undiagnosed diabetes since birth? Where do people even get that?

Amber said...

For me, the worst ones are "but you're thin" and "you don't look diabetic". Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. Like I would be lying to them or something. It just confirms the power of the media. Hopefully they'll get it right one of these days.

StephenS said...

Very, very well said. Can I add something? Don't wait until I have a hypo moment to ask me about my diabetes, then ask me questions like "What are you going to do to keep this from happening again?" Or say things like "Maybe you shouldn't do (fill in the blank) because of your diabetes". I dread that conversation at work more than I dread the hypo. In 15 years, no one there has ever asked me about diabetes at any other time.

Ubergeek said...

Ok so here we go let the commenting begin. Kelly you will love this, Bean was in the pool in the other day and she was playing with some girls. Bean's Omnipod was on her arm in a bathing suit. So they then went to their Mom and asked a couple of D questions and the Mom answered the best she knew. It was at the point when Bean realized because she over heard the D chatter that she knew the Mom needed help. So Bean look at them 12 feet away and said "Do you have some questions" to the Mom and she said yes, they do, many. So Bean went into a 10 minute diabetes lesson. I was so proud and thought, well played Bean, well played.

Scott E said...

Just before coming here, I read Jacquie's "Typical Type 1" blog (another soon-to-be mom, I might add!). She quoted a guy who quoted some guy named Sir William Osler (I really need to look up who he is!). As I was reading through this post, that quote was still going through my mind, and it so applies here as well.

He said: "If you want to live a long life, get a chronic disease and learn how to take care of it."

Mike Hoskins said...

Outstanding post, as always Kelly!

I echo those sentiments.

Oh, and people making assumptions about my diabetes impacting my ability to have kids? Don't. Lest You want me to jab at your eyeballs with lancets and syringes.

Kate Cornell said...

I love this post!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

As a type 2 here, I get all the stupid comments and questions also.
example, "should you be eating that?" My stock answer is "I eat anything I want within moderation", thank you very much.
Sometimes I feel like turning on them and asking a personal question like "Do you really need to have that many children?".

Anonymous said...

As a type 2 here, I get all the stupid comments and questions also.
example, "should you be eating that?" My stock answer is "I eat anything I want within moderation", thank you very much.
Sometimes I feel like turning on them and asking a personal question like "Do you really need to have that many children?".