Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Hang Ten - No Matter What!

I saw a bunch of surfers in the ocean around 6:30 pm a few weeks back riding the waves just to the right of the fishing pier. 
I thought it was a little odd that they were to the right of the pier instead of to the left and that they were such a large group - But I'd seen large groups surfing on that side of the pier before so I didn't think too much of it.
Maybe it was a memorial for a friend, or maybe it was large group of friends who wanted to hit the waves as a group - And I totally got that!  
And I came this close to snapping a few pics of the group as a whole, but if it was getting late and my phone battery was running out of juice  - And I let that thought go.

So I packed up my crap and headed off the beach. 

And when I got to my car - THIS is what was parked directly across the street from me:

Turns out they were some extraordinary & inspiring individuals who loved to surf and didn't let anyone or anything stop them! 

Damn I wish I had pics of them riding the waves!! 
But you can find pics of them surfing and oh so much more by visiting:

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