Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Wonders of Wondering.

Some times my brain wonders about my universe in a nonsensical way - And other times my wondering makes perfect sense. 
Like the other day when I should have been working on a proposal, I found myself wondering if I'd had chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing or vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing at my fifth grade Roller Skating Birthday party. For the record, I think it was chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, which is weird because I prefer vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing. Still, me being me, I know I enjoyed the cupcakes chocolate with vanilla icing or not! 
And this morning when I was priming my pump, I wondered how many units of insulin in the past 9 years I've literally shot into thin air during the priming phase. 
Was it hundreds of units, and if so was that number closer to thousands of units?? And what would the breakdown in insulin bottles actually be? 
Speaking of insulin pumps and priming, my pump allows me to bolus for a meal up to 300 carbs, which always has me wondering: What the hell kind of meal would be 300 carbs and if I did eat such a meal would I use a Duel Wave or Extended Bolus?? And how many units of insulin would I take to cover that 300 carb meal? 
The whole 'insulin being shot into thin air" and 300 carb meal thing thing got me wondering about how much money I've spent on diabetes in the damn near 35 years I've lived with type 1 diabetes. 
Am I Six Million Dollar woman??? Lord knows I'm Bionical, so six million might not be off base. But is six million today get me the same super cool bionicals that Steve Austin & Jamie Sommers had in the 1970's? According to Wikipedia, 6 million in the 1970's would roughly equal 31 million, so Magic Eight Ball says: Not Likely.
Then there's the whole wondering about why insurance rates for people with diabetes are so completely batshit astronomical.
Which of course leads to the whole "wondering when the cure for diabetes will be found," subject - And that my friends is a post in it self. 

I wonder if my my wondering is some Diabetes/ADD combo thing?? 

And I'm wondering what you've been wondering as of late ~


Michelle Gonzalez said...

I’ve been wondering how we can remove the bubble around understanding diabetes. After my experience this week at a JDRF booth at a local park, I determined that 95% of everyone on the planet has absolutely no clue what type 1 diabetes is, even though at least 20% of them THINK they do and are wrong in the extreme. I’ve been wondering how to fix this.

Colleen said...

You think like me. And that is scary.

Scott E said...

I've thought about that stuff, and now you've got me wondering if the insulin manufacturers purposely hide air-bubbles in the insulin, so you need to prime more to get them out, and then ultimately buy more insulin.

I'm also salivating at the thought of a 300-carb meal. Cheesecake Factory, here I come!